Daniela Ruah Baby Fan Project



In order to celebrate the recent news of Daniela Ruah ´s and David Paul Olsen´s first child (a baby boy), we are planning a little surprise gift to show them our support in this new and marvelous adventure called “parenthood”.

There will be different ways for the fans who want to participate in this project, and, because the rest of the surprise plans are still in the works, we are only going to divulge the first part of it now.

So, that said, here´s what we have planned so far:

– we are going to send Daniela and David a Personalized Baby Book (courtesy of the amazing Merrie). To be on the book, all you have to do is write down some well wishes messages along with some “words of wisdom”: something your parents taught you and that you would want your future child to learn too.

– also, you can send a PHOTO of you holding a “It´s A Boy!” card/sign 😉

– DEADLINE for sending in entries: 15 November.

We ask that you send all the messages to our email: danielaruahfans@gmail.com

So there you have it, the first part of the surprise.
We are still working on more stuff we have in store and we plan to release more on that soon.
Stay tuned 😉

via danielaruahfans.com