Decidedly Deeks Developments – Ascension (5×01)

And the torture picks up where we left off. If that wasn’t enough, we get to watch Michelle shoot not only Sam but Deeks! Luckily both men live to tell the story and we have finally have Sam admitting that ‘he owes Deeks one’. Will there be a change in Sam’s opinion of Deeks? We will have to wait and see. Eric Christian Olsen was right. This was probably the most honest and soul baring conversation that Deeks has ever had with Kensi.
How will the aftermath of the torment affect Deeks? Next week, the team gets a much needed visit from Nate. Can’t wait to see him on the beach with Deeks trying to work out the inevitable after affects brought about by the unbearable suffering Deeks went through at the hands of Sidorov. According to Olsen in TVFanatic ‘he doesn’t have the ability, at this point, to compartmentalize and fight through it.’ The writers are going to tear his heart apart and it will be heartbreaking to watch him trying to desperately to get back to normal… if possible.
Latest Deeks’ spoilers:
• (FX Infinity) Shane Brennan confirmed that Kensi and Deeks will be split up as partners midseason. “And when I say split up, they will really be split up!” What will the ‘big, fat juicy complication’ be at the end of the season?
• (TVFanatic) What’s Deeks future? Olsen says: It’s like we can take them to that place and then tear his world apart. Let him fight to get back there. You know what I mean. You have that moment. We all have these. We can think back on our lives like when it made that most sense. When life made the most sense and relationships made the most sense. And, whatever happens and we lose that, we spending the rest of our lives trying to get back to it.
• (Enstarz) Dave Kalstein’s script to air in November will have Deeks receiving some surprising news? Also he will be surprised by a Hetty decision he never saw coming!