Decidedly Deeks: Fanfic Challenge #1 Stories – Part II


When Witches Attack by PokeyDotes

October 31

It’s the cheap candy that ruins the holiday. It’s something Deeks had decided long ago, back when Halloween was still all about the candy and the biggest issue was figuring out how to use what was lying around the house as a costume.

Yet, here he stands, hands on hips, head tilted to the side as he glares at the many bags before him. He’s pretty sure candy wasn’t this expensive last year. Hell, he’s almost certain it wasn’t this expensive yesterday. But that’s what he gets for cutting it close, for waiting until the last minute before realizing that all those cheesy advertisements and themed decorations were actually warning him that Halloween was on its way.

He feels his phone vibrate in his pocket, a little chime following right after. He already knows what the text will say, probably the same thing as the last one. Yet, he looks anyway.

Hurry up!

He sends a quick reply, a promise that he’s on his way before returning to the problem at hand. It’s the cheap candy that ruins the holiday, but there’s no way Deeks is spending twenty bucks on a single bag of bite-sized Snickers.

He settles for a couple of bags of the cheaper candy, an un-branded assortment that promises to taste so bad even the companies don’t want to put their names on it. Candy now in hand, he checks his watch, frowns, and heads for the checkout line. That frown morphs into a look of irritation and stunned disbelief as he sees the line before him. It probably wouldn’t be so bad were it not for the older woman sorting through coupons, her giant purse taking up a good portion of the conveyor belt, her slow moving fingers taking up a good portion of everyone’s time.

Deeks closes his eyes, tilts his head back, and takes a deep breath through his nose. He counts to three and then lets it out again. It’s a little trick Sam taught him, a calming technique the SEAL had thought to share during a particularly boring stakeout.

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Happy Halloween, Marty by PokeyDotes

November 1

The wrapper had said “mystery flavor”, and even after three minutes of sucking on the damn thing, the flavor remains a mystery, treading a fine line between grape and gross. The bags of candy are currently spread out on his coffee table, a generous handful hiding in his front pocket.

It’s an unwritten rule, but one still uniformly known in his neighborhood: withhold the candy, and the only thing waiting on you the next day will me a mess and a headache.

The plan had been to catch the bad guy, avoid paper work, and be home in time to pass out candy. But things had not gone according to plan, which is why Deeks is standing outside his front door, barefoot, staring at a mess and fighting back a headache.

The eggshells are brittle, breaking beneath his weight, tickling the pads of his feet. Occasionally, a sharp edge will catch his toe or heel. He simply bites down on the mystery candy, wondering why he hasn’t spit it out yet.

Then there’s the silly string. Brightly colored aerosol goop decorates his door and windows, arranged to spell out some rather creative names and images, most of which would probably make Hetty blush. Toilet paper is tangled in the trees and bushes outside his door, dried bologna slices are sticking to his windows, and something that looks and smells dangerously like dog poo is spread along the railing on the banister.

Candy-deprived teenagers in LA, gotta love ’em.

“This is why I hate Halloween, Monty.” Deeks crushes the candy between his teeth, hands resting on his hips as he studies the damage in detail, the morning light lending a better view than the night before.

Monty simply tilts his head, blinking twice before sniffing at the dried egg splattered along the apartment’s outer wall. Deeks takes in a deep breath, holds it a moment, then lets it out in a heavy huff of air, his lips rattling in a lazy imitation of a motorboat.

A squeaking door hinge and the telltale sound of rubber-soled flip-flops flapping against concrete tell him he’s no longer alone.

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What happens on Halloween by tessinciucy

The man walked along the busy street, crashing against the people dressed up for the night. Halloween had never been his favorite festivity, but this year was special. This year Marty Deeks needed to celebrate. After everything that happened months ago, after the ordeal he went through… hell, after his abduction and subsequent torture, Deeks truly needed to do something with the team. He wanted to celebrate the fact that they were all safe and mostly that things were finally starting to go back to where they were used to be.

He was feeling better, every day he was getting closer to his goal. Every day he was getting closer to be the man he used to be, the Marty Deeks everyone knew. He was aware that he had to work hard to reach the final result, but he was confident that things were headed in the right direction.

So when Sam told everyone that Michelle wanted to throw a little party at their house after their kids had gone trick-or-treating, Deeks had enthusiastically accepted the invitation. The cop genuinely liked Sam’s kids and it seemed that in the last few months, the ex-Seal had started to show him more respect, had started to make an attempt at getting to know him, in spite of their differences. Obviously the fact that the Detective had saved Sam’s and Michelle’s life risking his own, had something to do with it, but he couldn’t complain about it.

Deeks appreciated the big man’s effort and going to the party was his way to show this appreciation.

Too bad that Bates had other plans and had requested his undercover skills for the night. It was supposed to be a quick operation, not lasting any more than three or four days, a week at most, but unfortunately it was going to take place over Halloween and right when he was getting the first symptoms of a flu.

Hetty was not very happy about the whole operation and had voiced her concern to the Chief of Police, but even her influence couldn’t do anything about it.

Callen and Sam had looked at him with a deep frown on their faces as he was explaining every detail of the mission and as soon as he left to go to the precinct to discuss the last preparations with Bates, they went directly to Ops to ask the Wonder Twins to support him, backstopping his alias and doing some logistics.

Kensi was the most reluctant to let him go. She was probably the one who could read him better than anyone else and the one who was aware of the fact that, in spite of his reassurances, he was still suffering from the aftermath of his capture. She was the only one who knew about the nightmares that once in a while, still plagued him and that didn’t allow him to have good night of sleep.

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