Exit Strategy (3×13) transcript

HETTY: Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles

[Sam, in Sudan with Jada – they are kissing]

ELMSLIE: My name is Elmslie.

[Elmslie is hands up, facing G and his gun. Then in the car]

ELMSLIE: The Global Criminal Tribunal is trying to indict ex-governor Khaled for crimes against humanity.

KHALED: You’re a spy.

[He’s with Sam: he slaps him]

ELMSLIE: Kill him.

[Jada is at the market]

HETTY: [Over radio] That’s Khaled’s sister Jada.

SAM: You could come to America with me.

JADA: I love you.

SAM: I love you, too.

[Sam is kneeling. There’s a gunshot: Jada has just saved his life]

[Back in USA, at the airport]

SAM: You’re on American soil now.

You’ll be asked to testify against your brother. You’ll never see me again.

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

[At a parking garage. An elevator bell dings: a man looks around]

MAN1: Clear.

[♫ a younger guy follows him out of the elevator – they escort Jada. ♫ They carefully take the stairs and head to their car on the roof. They get into it, fasten the seatbelts and start running but behind them an engine revs, tires squeal and a SUV hits their back. Both cars tires squeal: the SUV tries to push Jada’s car]

MAN1: Reverse! Punch it!

[The car is already at the edge of the parking lot. Jada is crying]

MAN1: Come on, man! Come on!

[He opens his door and starts shooting at the SUV. The driver reverses at once]

MAN1: Get her out of there! Get her out! Get her out!

[His partner gets out of the car and grabs Jada]

MAN2: Get out!

[The SUV engine roars, its tires squeal: it’s gone]

[Behind the car, Jada gasps anxiously]

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

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