Cynthia Basinet

NCISLA Magazine found out that a very special rendition of Santa Baby by Cynthia Basinet is going to be featured in this week’s holiday episode of NCIS Los Angeles. We decided to go right to the source and ask Cynthia more about her version of this iconic Christmas classic. Let’s welcome Cynthia to the NCISLAfamilia!

You must be excited to find out Santa Baby was going to be used in the holiday episode this week on NCIS Los Angeles?

So excited!

How did you find out the show was using the song and have you had any of your other songs used on TV or film before?

Well, I ‘m here in NYC and was in this wonderful new chicken and waffles candy store, aptly named Sugar and Plumm, having a great hot chocolate waiting to see the tree lighting at Lincoln Center. It was such a beautiful night and contemplating how good things are… And voila, there’s an email forwarded from my label, sent by Mark Wike (Music Supervisor for NCIS LA).

My father, who passed away earlier this year loved CBS. And I recorded Santa Baby when I lived across the street of CBS. It was CBS residuals that financed the song, as Santa Baby’s original intent was as a personal Christmas gift. That was 15 years ago to the day. Finally, to have the song, that’s been so revered by fans worldwide since 2000, come back and be the backdrop to Holiday romance on CBS’s NCIS LA… Cool, right? And yes, thanks for askin’, I do have other song placements.

This song has been covered by some iconic singers like Eartha Kitt and Madonna. How did you decided to interpret the song and put your own spin to this Christmas classic?
I recorded Santa Baby as a gift for a very special person in my life, Jack Nicholson. Have always loved that song, as so many do, thanks to Eartha. The radio DJ, Michael Mann (then 102.3) in South LA made me a cassette tape of her version. Decided to record it and another, Someone To Watch Over Me, as gifts that went on a Christmas card CD. That was 1997. Then Santa Baby went viral in 2000. This version, perhaps because it was sung from the heart, has oft credited to Marilyn Monroe. (Well, that and illegal file sharing. ;-).) Ironically, this version has become the standard for today’s artists.

What’s coming up in 2013 for Cynthia Basinet that you can tell your fans about?

First, I have my debut full length jazz CD, The Standard, just out. Second, have a fantastic new single, Eventually, out early in ’13. Third, get to tour and act more.

Thank you NCISLA mag for sharing Santa Baby with your fans!

Thanks Cynthia! We appreciate you taking the time out to speak with NCISLA Magazine!

Here’s Cynthias version of “Santa Baby” for our readers…

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