Gabriel Suttle

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the youngest co-stars on tomorrow night’s episode of NCISLA – Neighborhood Watch.  His name is Gabriel Suttle and he is building up an impressive list of acting credits which includes parts on various made-for-television movies, commercials (Audi) and in popular shows like House, M.D. and Army Wives.  Let’s find out a little about Gabriel and what it was like to work on NCISLA!

How long have you been acting?  Do you prefer working in movies or television?

I’ve been acting for about three years. I started working in the LA market last July.
I like movies better because many different types of scenes can fit into one project; drama with comedy, action, adventure etc…. I haven’t worked on any long term tv projects, only co-star roles so I might change my mind if I get to do that someday.

How did you enjoy working on the upcoming episode of NCISLA: Neighborhood Watch….What was your experience like on set?

My experience was GREAT! Everyone was very nice to me and I had a lot of fun.

Can you tell us about your character Cody Felton?

My character is a little obnoxious. He annoys the neighborhood people by his pranks.

How does working on NCISLA differ from other shows you have been on?

There were more people on this set (actors, background, etc.). I also got to work on location instead of a studio set.

No spoilers but are there any stories you can share when you were filming?

Jack’s juggling was cool. He juggled a traffic cone, a rock and a water bottle. We put it on youtube. (note from the editor: Jack is a NCISLA production crew member)

What was it like to work with some of the stars of the show? Who did you share the screen with?

I worked with Daniela and Eric. They were very nice. Eric complemented my work each day and was joking around with me. The actress playing my mom (Mandy June Turpin) was funny and nice. I liked working with her. I also worked with Stone Eisenmann as my brother. It was fun to have another kid on set. We joked around a lot and played games.

Anything else about the show you think the fans would like to know?

I get a big shock in one of my scenes!

What’s coming up for you next? What television or movie projects are you working on now or looking forward to?

My first television booking is airing on May 6th. I filmed it in Virginia over a year ago. It is on the Hallmark Channel and called “Lake Effects”. I don’t have a speaking role but I’m in the first 5 minutes of the opening scenes. I will also be working on a recurring role for a mini-drama that is filming in the Carolinas. I play a young boy with medical problems. My Audi “Baseball” commercial may still be playing as well from time to time. It’s the one where I have a baseball in my hands and ask my dad who Honus Wagner is.

What’s the best place your fans can keep up with all your latest projects?

I have a Facebook fan page under my name Gabriel Suttle. I also have an IMDB page which has a link to my website page. My FB and IMDB are the ones that stay the most current.

Thanks Gabriel!  We enjoyed speaking with you and look forward to your upcoming projects!

Neighborhood Watch will air on CBS, May 8, 2012 at 9 p.m.

Stay tuned next time, when we talk to Brian Avers, aka Mike Renko for his upcoming return to NCISLA.

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