Lauren Sweetser

This week we welcome Lauren Sweetser to Interview Corner and find out what it was like to guest star in the season finale of NCISLA – Sans Voir. We also asked her to share with us some of the highlights of the last episode and what it was like to work with the cast and crew. Lauren played Mara White, the cheeky, pull-no-punches book keeper at the Point Black firing range. What do you do when you find yourself in the Boathouse being interrogated by Sam and Callen? Never an easy situation to be in but it was fun to watch this feisty actress keep her two co-stars on their toes, take it on the chin and give it right back as well!

Lauren has been involved in various creative media for the past six years and her credits include theatre, television (Law and Order) commercials and feature films like Winter’s Bone where she won the Gotham Award in 2010 for Best Ensemble Cast. She will be seen on the big screen next in Cunning Little Vixens which is due for release later this year. Let’s find out a little more about Lauren and the time she spent on set during the filming of Sans Voir.

Can you tell us a little bit about your career? How long have you been in the performing arts and have you ever studied acting?

I’ve been in the business for about 6 years now (although it feels like longer!) I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Missouri State University in 2010. While pursuing my degree in Springfield, Mo., I also took private acting classes at the Creative Actor’s Workshop with Scott-Arthur and Elizabeth Allen.

What projects do you have upcoming we should know about?

I’m currently weighing several offers but would love to return to NCISLA!

What was it like working on the set of NCISLA? Did you have to audition for the role?

Working on this set was really great. The morale of the cast and crew is very high so that made for an enjoyable work experience. They know how to get the job done but also have fun doing it. I did have to audition for the role. I had auditioned for this show several times before, so I was glad to have finally found Mara White!

Looks like you did most of your scenes with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J? What was it like to work with them? By the way you really held your own with these guys! Nice job!

Well thank you so much! The three of us worked together very well. I can’t recall having to do more than three takes on any of the scenes we did. We just came together, did our work and it all gelled really well. We were all pretty fun and easy going yet hardworking, so that made it a lot easier.
Funny story – I used to bartend at a venue that Chris frequents so it was a little strange for me at first to be working with him, not making drinks for him! We had a good laugh about it and all was well. I definitely prefer working with him on the show rather than working in the bar!

You worked with the cast & crew on location as well as on the soundstage. Is there a different energy on the two sets?

Not really, no. There’s the obvious fact that everyone is a bit more unfamiliar with the on location set compared to the soundstage, but then again you’re all in that together and therefore can figure it out together. Everyone who works on this show is really professional and proficient but also fun and easy going so the energy is always comfortable and positive.

How much of the plot of the finale did they tell you or was it pretty hush-hush?

I was given the entire script for episode 3X23 but not 3X24, so I knew the first hour of juiciness but not the second. Even though it aired as a two-hour season finale, each hour was shot separately as its own episode and my character was only in 3X23. It’s always a bit fun to know what happens months before the television audience does!

Can you tell us any fun stories from the set now that we don’t have to worry about spoilers? Anybody in particular you really enjoyed working with?

There was a scene where Deeks was escorting my character to a police car after arresting her. Before one of the takes, Eric fastened the handcuffs a bit too tight on my wrists then informed me that there was no key to this specific set. That was about the time they called action so I just dealt with it and went along with the scnene. Of course he was only joking and there was a key, it just took them a little bit to get it to set! So I truly learned the feeling of being tightly handcuffed – thanks Eric! Haha.

What’s the best place your fans can keep up with all your latest projects?

I have a Lauren Sweetser Facebook fan page but it is under some construction at the moment. The best option for now would be to follow me on twitter @LaurenSweetser, or as always on IMDB. Thanks so much to all the fans for watching and supporting!

Thanks to Lauren for taking the time to answer our questions and we wish her great success with her career and hope to see her again on NCISLA as well!

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