Kensi Appreciation Week — FanFic #2

Kensi Hates Disneyland
By: lovedanniruah

Do I have to?” whined Kensi. Sam, Callen, Deeks and her were driving to Disneyland for a team outing. That and it was Sam’s daughter’s birthday.

“Yes. I paid for beers last night, you said you owed me a favor.” said Sam.

Kensi groaned and slumped back into her seat.

“Maybe you have a-” started Deeks.

“Shut up, Deeks.” groaned Kensi.

“Kens, language.” said Callen. “Michelle and Abby are in the car behind us.”

“And?” she said.

“The windows are open.” said Callen.

Kensi really didn’t want to go to Disneyland. She planned on curling up on her couch and eating ice cream while watching TV.

“It’s only for a few hours.” she told herself. “You’ll be out of there soon.”

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