NCIS Los Angeles “Three Hearts” Guest Star Revealed

They’ve been teasing it with tweets like

Rise & Shine @harimoto & I stoked to be lunching w/ the EXTRA SPECIAL guest star debuting in our upcoming NCISLA episode “Three Hearts”!


NCISLA “Three Hearts” Day 3: Wait till you guys see our special guest star’s tour de force performance. Living the dream w/ @Harimoto

via @DaveKalstein

We got a glimpse at the table read



… but couldn’t really make him out…

NOW we finally know:



Daniel Henney will be the “very special guest star” in the drama’s 20th Episode (airing as 21) of Season Five.

Cineasts might recognize him from his roles in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Last Stand (2013) whereas lovers of the ‘little screen’ might know him as “Michael Noshimuri” (who died by the hands of his brother) on Hawaii Five-0.

The episode will most likely air in April. Make sure to come back often and check for the airing date once it’s out…