NCISLA Season 6 Promises Action and Romance

LL Cool J may have participated in CBS’s salute to the ­Beatles earlier this year, but he certainly won’t be ­singing “We all live in a yellow submarine” when his Sam and Chris O’Donnell’s Callen find themselves trapped in a ­hostile submersible as NCIS: Los Angeles opens its sixth ­season. Last May’s cliffhanger found the partners taking an unexpected trip beneath the Pacific Ocean in a narco sub — that is, a submarine used to smuggle drugs out of Mexico — which now may be carrying substances even more illicit than anything you can shoot up or snort.

“Once they learn what these terrorists have planned, they realize that the only way they can stop them is to sacrifice their own lives,” says executive producer Shane Brennan. Or have their lives sacrificed for them, since, Brennan adds, “If a hostile submarine is sounding off California shores, the U.S. Navy will sink it. It’s that simple! Hetty [Linda Hunt] and Granger [Miguel Ferrer] realize that ultimately they’re powerless, because the Navy is taking independent action.”

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