Next on… NCISLA! The LiveLong Day (5×07) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

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The LiveLong Day (5×07) Preview

By Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by Joe Sachs; Directed by Dennis Smith

CBS Official Press Release  – “The Livelong Day” – The NCIS: LA team must notify Homeland Security when a murder investigation exposes a larger threat to a Los Angeles-based train, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Nov. 5 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

While the official Press Release provides little insight beyond the basis of the case, an intriguing reference is made: train. As the audience has grown to expect and appreciate, the development team continues to take full advantage of varied locations, plots, and especially their affection of all forms of transportation. This time the outcome is locomotive based, which was first revealed by Executive Producer John Peter Kousakis’ tweet of “Choo choo”!

In the action-packed promo, we are treated to an expected “boom” (via tripwire), while the team is out investigating the case. And speaking of, an interesting undercover may be revealed based on the first-even sighting of Deeks donning spectacles! What do you think might prompt this uncharacteristic wardrobe choice?

Within only the 19 second promo, the reference to “Mercury in retrograde” is made twice. This phenomenon is currently in progress and extends from Oct. 21 to Nov. 11. The term refers to the time in which it appears Mercury is moving backward, and that movement supposedly negatively impacts all forms of communication from advanced technology to interpersonal conversation. Many believe this is a time of misjudgment and miscommunication, such that it is ill-advised to make substantial decisions, travel, or engage in new activities. It is recommended to simply focus on clarifying, organizing, and taking care of existing projects and personal connections.

Perhaps this interesting situation will cause the team to pause to contemplate a particular situation? Maybe its negative impact will have a disruptive “one step forward, two steps back” result pertaining to G’s past, Deeks’ and Sam’s post-torture recovery, or one of the many relationships among the various team members? Whatever happens, it seems nothing good is indicated! Knowing all of this, how might “Mercury in retrograde” impact the team?

Do you think this case and/or astrological occurrence might “derail” the team NEXT… ON NCISLA?