Next on… NCISLA! Tuhon (5×15) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

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Tuhon (5×15) Preview

By Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by: Dave Kalstein; Directed by: Christine Moore

Official CBS Press Release – “Tuhon” – Sam and Callen head to Mexico to search for Tuhon, a retired assassin they encountered on their very first case together, now a suspect in the murder of a diplomat. Meanwhile, Nate and Deeks stay in Los Angeles to assist with the investigation, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Feb. 25 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Peter Cambor Returns as Operational Psychologist Nate Getz and Danny Trejo Guest Stars as Tuhon.

Turn on your time machines; additional backstory on Sam and Callen are headed our way! Can you even imagine the first case Callen and Sam might have worked together? On their five year anniversary in “Partners” (3×14) they provided a slight peak; however, it quickly dissolved into a spat regarding who was “first through the door”. Boys! Might their squabble return as well? Is a testosterone-filled game of superiority in their (& our) future?

With a case resurfacing from the past there’s ample prospect it somehow involves Hetty. While Tuhon sounds to be in danger now, it’s disclosed he was formerly an assassin. Even with this questionable past, is Tuhon now friend or foe, victim or criminal? As we learn Tuhon’s tell is a knowing (& evil) smile, the guys’ attention to non-verbal clues will be of utmost importance.

The wielding of razor-sharp weapons is a hallmark of Sayoc-crazed Kalstein scribing the script. As always viewers can expect this to be paired with thrilling combat choreography thanks to his buddy and martial arts master, Rafael Kayanan. Speaking of Mr. Kalstein, he provided a spoiler on Twitter hinting at a connection with “Kill House” (4×14); could Tuhon be the mysterious headhunter? Based on this point in the season and the resurfacing of a past that will impact more than one member of the team, could this be the initial point building toward the season finale?

Welcome back, Nate! With Dr. Getz in the house, there’s sure to be some not-so-covert psychoanalysis in their midst. What is Hetty’s reasoning in bringing Nate back this time? Is Nate’s return purely associated with the case? Improbable. (Yet based on a humorous behind-the-scenes photo, how might Deeks & Nate work together as partners in the field?!) Perhaps Nate’s presence will serve as a check-in regarding the guys’, particularly Deeks’, PTSD. It seems many fans look forward to the continuation of this storyline.

An expected topic of conversation between the detective and doctor will likely be Deeks’ partnership, both professionally and personally. How is Deeks handling Kensi’s absence? Will Deeks finally be able to admit to Nate what makes his partnership with Kensi special and unique?

How do you think the past might collide with the future NEXT… on NCISLA?