NCIS Los Angeles ‘Citadel’ Picture Review by Mogorva

She’s back! Fun on the horizon! Wait, she has a gun in interrogation. What could that mean…? #rhetoricalquestion

Today’s first shootout, right on schedule.

She must have had a 6th sense to take that gun with her… I admit, she looks badass with that thing.

He’s planning to take over the homeless act from Deeks or somebody just stole his razor and murdered his hairdresser?

Romantic dinner for two? Nice.

I’m sorry what? Propose?

Eric to the rescue! With one whistle put the lid back on the can of worms – as usual.

What kind of plumber can’t do his job on time? I know, all of them. But why call the owner every 5 minutes?

What, DEA wasn’t hacked? Just simple misuse of user rights? That’s a first.

What the…? They parted with a BFF hug last time (or I was drunk or high on something strong…), why so cold now?

„Never thought I’d say that again.” „Makes two of us.” Make that three. Flirting again? And she has a partner for 15 years? The writers were drunk or didn’t remember „Fish out of the Water?”

So much from the safety of the safe house. What are those walls made of? Paper? Because it’s not brick that’s for sure.

Sooooo, the „mysterious” Callen isn’t so mysterious afterall. Wait, did those 2 geeks hacked one of the most secure firms in a matter of minutes? Supergeeks with timecontrol or what? Of course Mr. Perfect Sam never failed a test.

Back to bleeding Talia out? I must have watched another show a year ago to see these two hugging… And what the hell is Deeks hiding? Talia’s right, he is an idiot sometimes.

Oh come on… Daddy issues again?

Failed, yet passed. In exchange for favors to be called in later. That was easy…

Guy already gave up half of the informations. Wow. that is effective…

That’s an easy interrogation. Guy cracked in 2 minutes and gives up everything? And he’s supposed to be smart?

So, the foot-fetish payed off. Nice hiding place.

Nobody will stop coming after the other? Is that some kind of chicken game?

New undercover pairing? Looks fun.

„More being, less doing.” These two are always good in these little moments. More of these, please!

„Becasue we’re in love.” I certainly am.

Winding up the detective or the princess with the sniper rifle?


Someone’s day is about to get a whole lot worse… and short.

So, the stormtroopers are down. Really? Running out in the open, no cover? Every enemy is that stupid or our heroes are so lucky?

Is that the first time Hetty appeared today? Really? Did she do _everything_ in the world including inventing the HL7 test?

That is one proper thank you. Who doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of that?

„I expect you to use that.” Me too.

Surprise! Teenage girl anxiety?

Everybody likes Kensi. Besides, if you look that good, you don’t need to know how to cook :).

NCIS Los Angeles ‘Defectors’ – Review by A Virtual Scrawl


‘Defectors’ is the episode rescheduled from last week due to the ISIS terror attacks in France. The story centres around a note found after a car crash, which has the phonetic spelling of Luqman Badr Al Din, an elusive yet charismatic key ISIS member, who’s responsible for youth recruitment and propaganda. The team discover the man killed in the crash was an Uber taxi driver, and one of his passengers from the previous day was Iraqi Jahmir Yacoob, who was Special Forces during Saddam Hussein’s regime. The team turn tactical to assault his house and arrest him, only to find that his eldest daughter Zahra has been reported missing to LAPD. The parents confirm the note found at the crash is written in Zahra’s hand, and that she had access to her father’s Uber account. A photo on display from a recent model agency shoot suggests ISIS are using the studios to recruit girls, and Kensi goes undercover to obtain evidence of their involvement, whilst the team seek the girl and the terrorist.

The episode could and should have been a lot heavier on the ISIS story as it is very topical. Certainly UK news has stories of teenage girls, with no history of extremist views, upping and flying to Syria to fight with ISIS. Their roles are unclear, however the likelihood is they will become suicide bombers or as this episode suggests, ISIS brides. In the hands of a different writer such as Frank Military, the tone would have been very dark and intense. But here there is more discussion about what ISIS is doing and how, rather than showing, and the seriousness is somewhat eroded by the humorous aspects between characters.

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