Shane Brennan teases NCISLA Season Four Finale

He created NCIS: Los Angeles. He’s behind its potential spinoff, Red. And he’s also developed the new series coming in June to TNT, King & Maxwell.

But Brennan still found time to jump on the phone with TV Fanatic this week and talk about his myriad of projects.


TV Fanatic: Let’s start with King & Maxwell. What are the different challenges in creating the show based on the David Baldacci books? An NCIS spinoff is one thing but this is coming from a different – and very popular – source.
Shane Brennan: David Baldacci has sold over 130 million books around the world, and a whole bunch of those are based on King & Maxwell. It would be pretty crazy of me to adapt those books and give my particular take on King & Maxwell. It has to be David’s take so the audience will recognize it. Otherwise, the audience who love the characters in the novels will be critical of the characters on the screen. It’s very challenging.

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