The Debt (3×10) transcript

[A man is running near the Dodger Stadium. A man appears on his way – kind of guy we call Skinhead in French. The runner stops and looks at the tall man and the gun in his hand]

RUNNER: I-I left my wallet in the car. I can get it for you. {He raises his hands] Just… just don’t hurt me, okay?

GUY: Aren’t you Clarence Fisk?

[A guy comes from nowhere and knocks down the skinhead who grunts. Fisk kicks the weapon away. Still grunting, the guy gets on his knees. Fisk leans towards him and speaks quietly]

FISK: Listen close, Adolf. I’ve got rules. Bring a gun to a business meeting, I’ll walk away.

[He stands up]

FISK: Say my name in public again… and I’ll kill you.

[One of Fisk’s guys helps the skinhead and pushes him on the path]

FISK: Lead the way.

[Callen and Sam are near their car. G is taking pictures (camera shutters snapping) and Sam watches through binoculars]

CALLEN: Kensi, tell LAPD that Fisk and the Aryans have made contact. They need to hang back.

[Kensi is in her car, with Deeks at her side]

KENSI: Got it.

[Callen/Sam‘s place]

SAM: I’ve got to say, Fisk does have swagger.

CALLEN: Swagger?

SAM: Panache, chutzpah, flair. The undefinable “it.” Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Kind of style that can’t be taught, G. Game recognizes game.

CALLEN: Float after me, butterfly.

[And he leaves his partner, who grimaces]

SAM: And haters gonna hate.

[But he smiles]

[Kensi’s car]

KENSI: Our position is completely wrong.

DEEKS: And yet it’s so right.

[Cause he’s looking a pretty hot running girl with his binoculars]

KENSI: No, no, we should be on foot with Callen and Sam, not stuck back here. That’s what LAPD is for-no offense. [She looks at Deeks, grabs the binoculars]

KENSI: Are you listening to me?

DEEKS: Ow. Sorry. Hashtag I think I’m in love. L-O-V-E, huh?

[And he takes again the binocular, starts watching again the woman…]

KENSI: Hashtag my partner is a loser.

[Picnic area. Fisk and 5 guys are walking behind the skinhead. Aryans are waiting for them: one sit at the table, the others standing up and watching around. Fisk sits down opposite to the man]

MAN: Show me the RDX.

FISK: Show me how you’ll pay for it.

[The Aryan grabs a briefcase, opens it and starts typing on a laptop]

[Kensi’s car. Deeks follows the runner with the binoculars – a man appears and stops her]

GUY: Trail’s closed, go home.


KENSI: Okay, Aryan’s guarding the meet, girl’s getting feisty. Not a good combination.

DEEKS: If she’s smart, she’s just going to walk away.

WOMAN: Let’s see what the cops have to say about that, jerk.

[She starts taking her phone]

MAN: What, what is that?

[He grabs the phone, she tries to keep it in hands – it fails down]

WOMAN: Get your hands off me.

[The man throws her on the ground- she grunts]

DEEKS: Callen, Sam, one of the Aryan lookouts just assaulted a civilian.

[Callen and Sam’s place]

CALLEN: How bad?

DEEKS: [over radio] Bad with potential of getting a lot worse.

CALLEN: All right, hold your position.

[Kensi’s car]

DEEKS: You’ve got to be kidding me.

[The woman tries to get up – the guy slaps her face- they fight, both grunt]

DEEKS: Okay, it just got worse.

[He jumps out of the car. Kensi is pissed off but follows him. He shouts, still far from the fighters]


[The guy leaves the woman alone and looks at Deeks]

MAN: [Shouting] you want to die, hero?

[He puts a hand in his vest]

DEEKS: Don’t, don’t!

[He shoots. The man grunts and falls on his back- the lady screams. At the picnic area, Fisk jumps on his feet]

FISK: Go, go. [They all leave the place quickly]

[Callen and Sam’s place]

CALLEN: Eric, op’s been blown.


KENSI: Are you okay, are you okay?

WOMAN: I thought he was gonna kill me.

[Deeks is checking the dead guy’s vest]

KENSI: It’s okay, you’re safe now. You’ll be okay.

[She looks at Deeks]

KENSI: Where’s his gun?

[Deeks has a cell phone in the hand…]

KENSI: Deeks, where’s his gun?

[Behind them, NCIS guys are coming]

OFFICER: Guys, over there.

DEEKS: He didn’t have one.

[Deeks and Kensi don’t add a word…]

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

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