11 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Wind’ Sneak Peek II

    1. Sol

      Oh, thank you for the news, Fenix. Finally an episode about Deeks! Yes, I’m a little bit bored too of Callen/Sam.
      I’d like to see more Deeks, more about his backstory/dad/Ray unresolved issues. And more Densi. I mean little smiles, sweet silences, a hug on the sofa or “bed scenes”, at the beginning or at the end of an episode, in which Kensi watches Deeks in his sleep, or viceversa. Is it too much? 🙂

      1. densidream

        OMG I agree so much with you, Sol! Little things here and there are enough! And they would make our day 🙂

    2. skippy

      Fenix, you asked “Who is bored from Callen/Sam centric episodes…”
      Not me since most episodes this season were more or less team/case centric which is good, though I would prefer more episodes on C/S or Callen himself.
      But you need to relax, there will be at least two eps which might focused on Deeks/Kensi and/or Densi since LL was not at the set for more than a week in Jan and the grammy award is on its way (LL is the host which also means his absence of NCIS LA).

      1. Fenix

        Skippy trust me, I am relaxed.
        It’s just show (what sometimes totally annoyed me), but I am master of my remote.
        Mothership NCIS is prove of it, I didn’t see them from first 1/4 of S11 until now, so no big deal.

        Only few to Deeks or Densi centered episodes, opposite way too many Callen/Sam episodes, is just far away from some balance.
        Especially when is Callen/Sam episodes one by one, and just sometime Densi, or others.

        Situation like in NCIS.
        Episode were Tony, or someone centered, but in the end, Gibbs always stole full attention, for any cost.
        And episodes centered on Callen, or Gibbs, is after all those years just boring.

        Among other things, I’m a guy, so don’t judge me, for be Densi fan. 😉

        I miss Densi scenes, them teasing, words fights, or just nice gesture, smile.
        We get kiss, so we probably have to be still high from that.
        Or creators think, we have to be high.
        Be ready for slap in face, what take us not just back on flor, but directly down to basement.
        Next episodes I will expect just get up from that basement, step by step, until season finale cliffhanger come to us (to you, I don’t watch cliffs).

        Like I said, it’s just show, so no big deal. 🙂

  1. Mogorva

    18th? That’s a long time from now. This will be just the 14th. BTW I don’t mind who is in the center (altough the Kensi/Deeks and their “thing” centered episodes are always better than the others), until it is entertaining. Hopefully this midseason crysis what appeared in 06×13 is over and we get back on track once again.

  2. I Feel Possessed

    I’m loving season six with the mixture of characters but I do feel the season is more focused on Sam and Callen so far – but there are obviously some very important developments in the Kensi/Deeks relationship. We do need to see the challenges to their journey.

    Can’t wait for this one although with the press release and the promo focusing on them undercover in the food truck – I’m hoping the scenes will last more than a minute. Otherwise I will be an unhappy viewer (reminiscing about Callen going undercover as a teacher in S5 – a non-event)!

  3. Debbie

    Well, now, that scene was totally funny! Hilarious even!
    And told us a lot about the characters and their relationship.
    Well done. Thatßs how I like my humour.

    Hm, won’ t judge this ep before I’ve seen it, but I am all for balance.
    Character-centric eps are fine, especially when they highlight a characters backstory/personality – as I am hoping the much anticipated Deeks, M. will (whatever the real ep name tiun out to be but it would be in good keeping withe show tradition to use just that).

    Having said that I am most in favour of epsiodes that have the whole team in it and give every character room to shine.

  4. Linda

    I know I am in the minority here but I have loved all the Sam/Callen stuff this season. Kensi and Deeks have had their moments too. I guess all of us have our own favorite characters.

    1. Fenix

      Agree, all of us have our own favorite characters.
      Funny is, when comes troubles, everyone talking about team.
      When comes credit for success, or positive attention, team is gone, and Callen/Sam is back. 🙂
      What missing, is balance.

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