Barrett Foa Birthday Card

This Tuesday, September 18th, “NCIS:LA Tech Operator Eric Beale”-portraying actor Barrett Foa turns 35.

Join us in wishing him a Happy Birthday !!!

20 thoughts on “Barrett Foa Birthday Card

  1. sindee

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch from Germany, Barrett !! Hope you’re having a great day with loved ones around you… CU sindee

  2. Caitlyn

    Happy Birthday wonderful Barrett!!! I hope you have a blessed day filled with awesomeness. Have a great day and a wonderful year. Caitlyn xxx

  3. Richtsje

    Hi Berrett!

    Lokwinske mei dyn jierdei || I wish you a great and happy Birthday Barrett, hope you find enough time to spend it with those you love.

    Greetz from Fryslân,

  4. @MissAlesig

    Happy Birthday Barret! Hope you have a wonderful day. Wish all the greatness in the world. You are awesome. Greetings from Portugal PS-send you a ‘ginginha’ love Gi

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