Bill Malone Gave Acting Debut On NCISLA

Magician Bill Malone, who now calls Las Vegas home, is known for his card tricks, but on Monday will be known for his acting. He makes his guest-starring debut on “NCIS: Los Angeles” with LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell in a dramatic role as Milton Mulrooney, an accountant who works for the Navy. He’s sworn to secrecy over the plot but says it’s filled with twists and turns.

Bill told me: “I was a fish out of water acting instead of doing magic, but it was a great experience. I auditioned on a Friday for CBS and started filming immediately on the Monday. We filmed for eight days in three locations. I’m a quick learner, so after two days, I felt comfortable with Cool J and Chris helping me act alongside them. We didn’t tell the other people in the cast that I’d never acted before. There’s no magic, but I did perform for 50 of the cast and crew on a lunch break.”

The episode was written by Frank Military with Bill’s character in mind, although they had never met. Frank is a longtime fan of Bill’s work learning of him through his own amateur magic. The producers were so pleased with Bill’s debut they’ve indicated that he’ll be back for another episode before the season ends.