NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Budget’ Picture Review

Interrupting lunch time they are...

Interrupting lunch time they are…

Working on a weekend ?? Why not show the agents on their weekendy things ?? *pouts*

Working on a weekend ?? Why not show the agents on their weekendy things ?? *pouts*

"Wait. Does that mean we're not getting paid?"

“Wait. Does that mean we’re not getting paid?”



Just because... I think we have too little pics with our Three Guys...

Just because… I think we have too little pics with our Three Guys…

They found the missing guy...

They found the missing guy…

Sam and Callen 'going rogue'... #HappyFace

Sam and Callen ‘going rogue’… #HappyFace

"I was feeling a little naked..." And the innuendo dropping begins... :)

“I was feeling a little naked…” And the innuendo dropping begins… 🙂

The Clown Car !! Hilarious !!

The Clown Car !! Hilarious !!

"Are you eating the crime scene?"

“Are you eating the crime scene?”

Sam 'in character' is so 'out of character' - it's hilarious !!

Sam ‘in character’ is so ‘out of character’ – it’s hilarious !!

Girl's got attitude...

Girl’s got attitude…

Nice move to trap the guys inside...

Nice move to trap the guys inside…

Found him... now get back home, guys !!

Found him… now get back home, guys !!

The girls fighting over Callen...

The girls fighting over Callen…

Uh-oh... momma has a shot-gun...

Uh-oh… momma has a shot-gun…

"Big gun." *snort*

“Big gun.” *snort*

So the guys burned everything ?? I'm confused...

So the guys burned everything ?? I’m confused…

Visitors... and not the friendly kind...

Visitors… and not the friendly kind…

"You wanna see another sunrise. We dictate the terms." Uh- oh...

“You wanna see another sunrise. We dictate the terms.” Uh- oh…

"41 million dollars." "That's enough to test your honor." True !!

“41 million dollars.” “That’s enough to test your honor.” True !!

Granger pressuring the general... this really is *his team* by now...

Granger pressuring the general… this really is *his team* by now…



Yeah, most likely NOT...

Yeah, most likely NOT…

"Who do you think I am? Zorro ?"

“Who do you think I am? Zorro ?”

"In Mexico there are predators - and prey." "Then let me show you how to hunt."

“In Mexico there are predators – and prey.” “Then let me show you how to hunt.”

Milton has 100 grand ?? Suspicioooous !!

Milton has 100 grand ?? Suspicioooous !!

Told ya !!

Told ya !!

Beware of the furious lady crowd... LOL

Beware of the furious lady crowd… LOL

Did Callen just say'BFF' ??

Did Callen just say ‘BFF’ ??



Little bromance during the shoot-out... that's my Callen & Sam !! :)

Little bromance during the shoot-out… that’s my Callen & Sam !! 🙂

Callen prepping to hit the gun with the gun ?? Now that's desperate...

Callen prepping to hit the guy with the gun ?? Now that’s desperate…

Granger to the rescue... Woop Woop !!

Granger to the rescue… Woop Woop !!

"We always love saving you life-guards..." *grins*

“We always love saving you life-guards…” *grins*

Granger raining on Callen's parade...

Granger raining on Callen’s parade…

"That's our story." "Mine, too."

“That’s our story.” “Mine, too.”

Let me have another run at this episode later or tomorrow and I’ll tell you my thoughts in the comments… until then let me know what YOU think of this episode… 🙂

21 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Budget’ Picture Review

  1. Mogorva

    No mention of the congress hearing – that tells me, they are done with it. I’m disappointed.

    This episode did have the focus on Callen and Sam, Kensi and Deeks were nothing more, but fillers, Eric and Nell barely appeared. Also agree with sindee, that the lack of at least a blink into their weekend personal time is disappointing.

    Zero to minimal deeper personal conversations, not a lot of bantering either, but we got to see a lot of guns and muzzle flashes. That can be very good (Spoils of War, for example), but this time it didn’t have the same effect on me, as 5×19 had.

    Looks like we are back to the case-of-the-week episodes, I’m not entirely happy with that. Still would like to see the proper ending for the hearing arc – at least mentioning, how that ended, or still going on, a little more personal life of the team members and a longer story arc.

    This episode was written like the events from the previous 5 or 6 (from Deep Trouble I. on) episodes wouldn’t even happened. No mention of any of the previous events, the suspected mole or anything. At first – after seeing the sneak peek – I thought, that the attack on that DOD facility had something to do with the previous storyline and the mole. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case.

    Contrary to my expectations, it was far from being the best in season 6.

    That being said, it was a good episode, but hopefully the next ones to come will be better.

  2. densidream

    I also have to say, this week’s episode was a bit disappointing. I agree with everything Mogorva said.
    I get that more action was happening in Mexico with Callen and Sam, but I still would have wished for more scenes from L.A. with Kensi, Deeks, Eric and Nell investigating. After all, what the wonder twins found out from the servers lead to Granger getting to Mexico in time to save Callen and Sam! So, leaving them practically out of this episode entirely was kinda unfair. And, automatically, with less banter scenes from Densi, is was less funny. The writers did make the effort with the innuendos between the Mexican women and Callen and Sam, but it didn’t seem that believable to me.
    Now to what I did like (only small things, but still). Granger totally had the team’s back yet again, that’s continuing from the last episodes. And very nice to see! 🙂 Of course I loved the Densi scenes that were there (“If you have to know, they’re mine, I got them from the vending machine” – “Well, then give me some!”). And I guess, everybody (especially Kensi) can be happy that the actual Delta unit weren’t the bad guys after all 🙂
    I think over the last episodes the viewers have gotten used to seeing bits of the agent’s personal lives and of Kensi and Deeks’ relationship, so now we’re disappointed because there was none of that in this one. Hopefully, the next one will be better!

  3. Deeks Freak

    I usually like Frank Military episodes. This was disappointing. I like the team to be together. I agree with Mogorva…some mention of the hearings should have been included. Also, they have not found the leak…not mentioned.
    I hate to use the B word but I was bored. This episode was not up to the first 4.
    I did enjoy Granger to the rescue.

    As always….the recap was very good.

  4. Jennifer

    I was also disappointed . I want to see more Kensi and Deeks. So far this season all you see are Callen and Sam.

  5. CCalicott

    I agree with the others, I was kind of disappointed in this episode. It just felt a little off to me. I agree with densidream, I kind of wanted to see more of the investigation back in LA. I like the past three episodes where there seemed to be a really good balance involving the entire team.
    The things I enjoyed was the family in Mexico. It was funny to see them fighting over Callen and Sam. I mean it’s obvious they have good taste. 🙂 But it seemed to get a little old after a while.
    I’m glad the writer’s are starting to put Granger in a better light. I have always liked him, but its nice to see that the team is trusting him more.
    I missed seeing Nell and Eric working together, and even though I’m not a big Densi fan, I really missed seeing them work together. If it weren’t for Kensi and Deeks working back in LA, Callen and Sam wouldn’t have gotten out.
    Does anyone know why the SecNav told other agencies that Callen and Sam were heading to Mexico? Was it to help them? And why didn’t the DEA crew come back to help?
    I think I was expecting a more darker episode from Frank Military than this one.

    1. Shelia

      Well I can see that I am in the minority here because I really liked this episode. Even though there was alot of shooting and bad stuff happening I did enjoy the lighter elements of this episode. I do however agree that I wish they hadn’t left the hearing mess just hanging. It would be nice to get some closure on that and for them to find the mole.

      While I do like the Densi relationship, sometimes I feel it takes over the show. There were obivious signs of their closeness but it didn’t take center stage. As for Nell and Eric there again it would have been nice to see the team address what she went thru and how good it is for her to be back in action. I really don’t want to see any Neric action, that just doesn’t work for me.

      I did really enjoy the Callen and Sam scenes and the byplay with the women, it was fun. Sam’s undercover work needs a little work, it came off really funny. But the protection he gave Carmen when they were escaping was great. Loved the big gun comment as well as the women fighting over G. (Who wouldn’t fight for him?)

      My main complaint is how Sam and Callen didn’t forsee that the fake Delta Team would find them and get the entire gang out of the house before they got there. That being said it was nice to see Granger back up the team and rescue them. Ok at first I was like no way can Granger rescue Callen it has to the the other way around. But I think they are trying to make Granger more likeable and this is a good way.

      1. Mogorva

        The Deeks and Kensi relationship is the thing, that distinguishes the show from a whole bunch of other procedurals. Altough we’re not talking about a family soap opera, this is one of the most important storylines. It shouldn’t be completely neglected, like in this episode.

        All procedurals have the same basic storyline for the enemy-of-the-week stories, the main difference between them is, how they introduce us to the personal life of the characters. That can make a difference. Different characters, backstories, those make a show unique. Kinda the reason, why the most of us wants to have a short look into their off work life. Don’t get me wrong, I do not want a Kensi and Deeks lovelife show in the half playtime of every episode (though I could get used to see Daniela Ruah a lot more, because she’s more than smoking hot), but the short scenes can give just enough insight to get a hint about their relationship status, and everyones private life with their families or – in Granger’s case – blondes. Otherwise their private life would be like Columbo’s wife. Heard of her almost every time, but nobody ever seen her…

  6. Fenix

    Thank you sindee for another great recap.

    There was part of fun, part of bromance, but whole episode looks like badly seated puzzle.
    Something missing there.

    Granger was just perfect, and end “That’s our story.” “Mine too gentlemans, mine too.” hilarious. 😉

  7. Spokoze

    Not enough Densi.
    Season 6 has been just “okay” so far.
    Am EXTRAMLY disappointed in the in the roles, dialog and lack of camera time for Kensi and Deeks.

  8. linda

    I am also in the minority here. I also liked this episode. Callen and Sam have always been my favorite characters and it was good to see them front and center again like they were in seasons 1 and 2. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Kensi and Deeks, but I’m just not as big on the will/they won’t they/are they thing. Its been done to death on other shows. (Just my opinion, don’t hate me Densi shippers). What can I say, I’m a Callen fan. I also got the sense that the inuendos between the Mexican women and Callen were starting to setting us up for his romantic arc later in the season.

  9. mckenna

    I liked this episode, thought it was a fun one and interesting to change up how we normally see Callen and Sam. It did feel a bit off to me, not sure what it was though, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.
    Just a thought: I know some were disappointed because it lacked the rest of the team members, but does it make it a bad episode? We all have favorites, but we can’t have them be the center all the time. What makes this show so special is every single character and their journeys. There is a long, exciting season ahead for us. All I’m saying, we all like the show for different reasons. Think we should just stay positive. That’s just what I think anyway 😉

    1. Mogorva

      It doesn’t make it a bad episode.

      Also my disappointment didn’t originate in the lack of the other team members. It came from the abrupt departure from the whole sason 6 storyline, not even mentioning anything, like nothing ever happened.

      Sorry, I’m a little too old to be fascinated just by seeing a lot of automatic guns and muzzle flashes without a solid story. If that whole thing would have originated in the molehunt storyarc and would have added something to that, everybody would be less or not disappointed (at least I would). The glimpse to the private time of the team members is fun, but probably less important than that. It would be nice though.

      Personally, I like the darker mood of some episodes, but this one just didn’t add up. After the skyrocketing start of the season, the last two episodes were disappointing. 6×04 looked like they wanted to be done with the hetty-in-DC story ASAP and wrapped up everything too fast and a little awkwardly, and 6×05 was just above mediocre. We’ve seen worse, but hopefully this will be the bottom for the season and the road just goes upwards.

    2. GG

      I think many of us are more disappointed from the storyline than the lack of focus on other team members. It’s true that it is a long season and we will probably get something for every character in the show. On the other hand as a Deeks/Densi fan I can understand the frustration from the lack of on-screen time for my favorite character. I also agree with Mogorva, sometimes just guns and shootings aren’t enough to make an episode good, especially having in mind the previous episodes. I am hopeful that this season will leave everyone somewhat satisfied!

      Great recap, as always!

  10. BH72

    Thanks sindee for a great recap (as always). I loved Callen and Sam being sent south of the border into enemy territory. It spiced the storyline of S6, which although many would like to see the investigation into Hetty by Senator Thomas and the DOJ finished off nicely, I was getting bored with the questioning. The great thing with NCISLA, is that there are many great characters to angle the story lines. Each one has their turn, and so do the great team of writers. It makes us wonder what’s coming next. It has created a broad spectrum of fans who have their favourite characters, and their reason to tune in each week. I loved the way Granger showed the team that he would do anything to save HIS people. Twice this season, Granger has done all that he can to rescue Sam and Callen. It’s refreshing and I am looking forward to more great episodes this season. The cast and crew work hard for our enjoyment, and I would like to thank them all for a great season so far.

    1. Mogorva

      That was a case-of-the-week episode, didn’t even mention anything related to any of the established longterm storylines or set the ground for any new ones. That is the main source of disappointment for the most of us.

      I don’t mind if there are episodes where some of the characters barely appear, that doesn’t influence if it was good or not good. The 40-something minutes just isn’t enough to keep every character on screen for long enough time (or show every scene they wanted originally (Hello there, Spoils of War)), so they are rotating them, in some episodes they get more time, in others not so much. That does not change the fact, this was a filler episode, lots of flashing and banging, with some good and fun moments, but it didn’t reach the level of 6×02-6×03 episodes.

  11. Linda

    Great points made BH72. The show is made up of several characters, each which get their turn to be front and center. I think it would get boring if every episode centered mainly on any one of them. Part of what makes this show great is the diversity of the characters. This week’s show had more Callen and Sam, another episode will have more Deeks and Kensi. There is room for everyone. Personally I have loved the season so far.

  12. skippy

    Thank you for the brilliant recap, sindee. And I hope you will find the time to share your thoughts with us.

    I am a bit in between all those statements about this episode.
    It was good in some ways but also pretty bad in others.
    I like the lighter touch in this one and some scenes in Mexico were pretty funny. Also that Granger was there to save them again and the ‚Robin Hood‘ attitude at the end (giving some money to the poor).

    What surprised me was the lighter funnier touch in this one since the writer FM usually writes the darker episodes and the Sam centric ones. So he tried and it wasn’t too bad, just different. Nothing to rave about but some lighter entertainment.

    What I don’t get is why the directing/cutting/editing is so sloppy. You could see that Callen and Sam were not driving the SUV to the alley but the stunt (?) doubles, Callen wasn’t the one who sprinted out off the clown car at the bar, the shooting at the bar Sam shot so many shots with this old gun, which only had 6 bullets in the magazine…
    Also Sam and Callen were totally outnumbered and outgunned in the bar and the house (and the enemies were highly trained ex military, so not some odd street gang guys) and still they were successful without a scratch?
    I think that this was alighter episode because the next four ones will be during the sweeps and these ones are usually more intense (at least I hope so).

    I get why so many fans are disappointed due to the fact that the DC hearing is over without any additional words ( I don’t mind because I am over the Hetty story, it was too much for me already), or that they are aware that there is a mole but who cares?
    But the writers use to do this. I mean Callen found out that his father could still be alive (beginning of last season), but hey, so what? He never tried to find him, another story that is unfinished.

    Probably we have to get used to the less stellar NCIS LA and take what we get. Though I am a bit mad because I hoped they will at least try to compete in this timeslot in a better way, but I will learn to take what I get as long as it is there.

  13. Sol

    After four Hetty’s episodes, I knew this one would have been different, and without any connection with the others. So I liked it, not surprised or disappointed. But I prefer all the team together.

    I think writers can still show us that Callen tried to find his father since he watched that video in season 5.
    DR’s pregnancy changed all the season’s direction and they often made mistakes. But the solution can be simple. Let the team find out, maybe, a “wall” in Callen’s house, with photos, connections, everything about his family.
    I remember something like that in Castle; Beckett had a wall with all the suspects and proofs about her mother’s case. It’s simple, it would perfectly be in Callen’s character, (again a lone wolf), and the mistake would be corrected.


    1. Mogorva

      Daniela Ruah was already pregnant when that episode was shot, so that did not affect that story. Regardless of the Afghanistan storyline they could have continued Callens originstory later if they would have wanted.

  14. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for the recap. I am really late this time but I did want to have my say. I enjoyed this episode very much. It felt lighter than the others and we did need a respite. There was a lot of action and Sam and Callen really did need some help this time. Granger and his team arrived just in time. I don’t know what to make of him this season. One minute he is grouchy and then he is kind. He is a complicated person, I guess just like the others. As always the bromance of Sam and Callen was worth it. Some of the scenes and the dialogue (innuendo) was priceless. The look on Sam’s face or Callen’s made me laugh out loud. Especially the girls all fighting over Callen. Well who wouldn’t? Looking forward to the next episode especially as COD is directing.

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