Callen’s Corner: Banter, Season 1

The banter between Callen and Sam is a common joy for all those who claim Team Callen. And, as such, we thought it would be fitting to remember some of the best moments from Season 1, since it happened oh, so long ago, and was oh, so good.

In no specific order, here are our favorite Callen-and-Sam-centered banter moments.

Ambush by Serena

G: You think we can make a run for it?
Sam: No.
G: Want to try it anyways?

G: What you have history with him?
Sam : We weren’t dating if that’s what you’re asking. SEALs work together as a team. Holgate had the tendency to act like a lone wolf, IF you know what I’m talking about.
G: Actually, half the time I don’t know what you’re talking about. And the rest of the time, I just disagree.
Sam: I really look forward to having Dom as a partner.
G: You’d miss me. I complete you!

G: So what are you going to do about it?
Sam: Right now? Go for a run.
G: Last time you said that, I had to drive out to Joshua Tree to pick you up.
Sam: I’ll bring my cell phone.

G: You went soft on him. Briggs.
Sam: Man, I know you’re not gonna go here with me right now. We’re in the middle of chasing our only lead on our only suspect…
G: You know your ears wiggle when you try to avoid a conversation? It’s kind of adorable.
Sam: Okay. For years I dreamed of being a seal. I gave up everything else to get there. Everything. If I saw the finish line and found out that the navy was gonna bump me somewhere else, I’d be angry, too. And my ears don’t wiggle.

G: This crowd can smell a cop a mile away.
Sam: I smell like a cop?
G: Actually smell like baby powder, but that’s a whole different conversation.

Sam: You sure you wanna do this?
G: I’m fine.
Kensi: You sure you’re allowed to do this? Victim investigating his own shooting?
G: It’s not my shooting, it’s a Russian girl’s.
Sam: He’ll keep investigating until someone tells him he can’t.
G: Someone I have to listen to.
Kensi: Rules me out.
Sam: You don’t listen to me even when you have to, G.
G: Name one time.
Sam: You’re not listening to me now.
G: Yeah, I am. (Walks away)
Sam: No, you’re not.
Kensi: How long you two been married?

G: These guys are stuck overseas, in some hell hole, for months on end.  Fighting for their lives, watching their buddies get killed. For what? To save some people who would just as soon slit their throats? And if they do finally make it back, they come back and realise their local drug dealers are wearing a watch on their wrist that is worth more than their house. So they use a little of what they know to take something back for their retirement. I can see you are really intrigued by this.
Sam: SEALs don’t do this for the money.
G: For the chicks? It’s probably more like a calling.  Like a seminary.
Sam: That’s right.
G: If priests actually blow things up and could kill you with the Bible.
Sam: Are you trying to get under my skin?
G: I’m just bouncing ideas off you.
Sam: Keep it up. I’m going to bounce you off a rock.
G: I’ll tell Nate you said that.

G: Is that a frog?
Sam: It’s a swan.
G: From where? Chernobyl? …Is that a wing?
Sam: Yeah, it’s a wing.
G: Why are there three of them?
Sam: There aren’t three – that’s the tail.
G: The tail?… Nothing. …I just didn’t know that swans had tails.
Sam: Well, they do. A duck has a tail, right?
G: Maybe. …So, it could be a duck, then.
Sam: Keep it up. You’re gonna have to duck.
G: I’m just saying.

Random on Purpose by Serena

G: Is this an argument?
Sam: No, it’s a difference of opinion. I happen to be right and you happen to be wrong.
G: Which makes it an argument. And for the record, I’m right and you’re wrong.
Sam: Operators are made they’re not born, G. Skills are taught.
G: And somebody taught Lebron how to dunk from the free throw line?
Sam: SEALs learn to be SEALs, G.
G: Oh, that’s right, you couldn’t swim when you enlisted, could you?  How long did they let you wear the floaties? Look, I will take a lazy natural operator over an all-night studier any day of the week.
Sam: It’s too late, I already did it.

Sam: So you think Hetty was born or made?
G: Hatched.
Sam: My point is we compliment each other. But, I’m natural.
G: I’m natural, and you’re made.
Sam: I’m the natural operator.
G: If you’re a natural, I’m supernatural.
Sam: That doesn’t even make sense.

Sam:  If you tell me you’re picking me up at 9, 8:50 I’m curb side.
G: I got caught up in something.
Sam: What? You don’t have a TV. You don’t read the newspaper. You clearly don’t spend anytime getting ready.
G: Well, maybe I was working out.
Sam: Heh! You don’t work out.
G: I run.
Sam: When people are shooting at us!
G:  Uh-huh. You know what? I slept in.
Sam: With who? You barely sleep.
G: Seriously, there’s nobody.
Sam: Come on. I think it would be great for you to be in a relationship.
G: Sam. How many times are we going to have this conversation? You are my partner, not my Mother.
Sam: I just want you to be happy and find a good girl.

Thanks to Callen’s Corner Dream Team Members: AJ, B, ChrisDaisy, Mary (justdreaming-83), Merrie, Richtsje, Serena, Vicki

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7 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Banter, Season 1

  1. justdreaming-83

    Oh, the memories. Our Callen really knows how to push his partner’s buttons. Sometimes Sam sounds all gruff and tough while trying to keep Callen in line. But we know the big SEAL is all bark, and no bite, when it comes to G. He has made it his mission in life to watch over his buddy.

    Great banter-moments from the boys!

  2. SnoopGirl

    This was my favourite banter moment – Followed close by Callen sleeping in.

    G: Oh, that’s right, you couldn’t swim when you enlisted, could you? How long did they let you wear the floaties? Look, I will take a lazy natural operator over an all-night studier any day of the week.
    Sam: It’s too late, I already did it.

  3. Erin

    I love the banter! It really comes back to Callen being a brat and knowing just the right buttons to push to goad Sam and Sam pretty much always takes the bait. And through this banter you can see/sense the deep friendship between COD and LL and it comes across the screen beautifully

  4. Mckenna

    I know it’s kinda long but this is one of my fave banter scenes ever, from Ambush….
    G: You wanna explain yourself?
    SAM: Explain myself? I saved your skinny ass.
    G: Let’s see. I had a gun and a hostage before you got here. Now I’m chained up to a stove with a concussion. It’s a nice save.
    SAM: Ten more seconds. You’d have a dozen new bulletholes in you.
    G: Now what?
    SAM: I was hoping you had some ideas?
    G: I’m thinking I want my gun and my hostage back.

    [Sam sees the laser point on G forehead.]
    SAM: Oh, this just keeps getting better.
    G: Is it flickering? Feels like it’s flickering.
    SAM: That’s because it’s morse code.
    G: Got it.
    SAM: What?
    G: That bobby pin. I started wearing it in the 90s. Haven’t used it since.
    SAM: That’s the most well trained display of standard operating procedure I’ve ever seen from you.
    G: Oh no.
    SAM: What?
    G: I dropped it.
    SAM: You dropped… how could you drop it?
    G: It kinda sprung. … Oh, I got it. I’m good. Just keep reading the code.
    SAM: Keep your head still.
    G: Head still. Am I good?

  5. cuttestnik

    I love their banter. It’s funny, it’s great and the most amazing part is how they banter with each other.They start from talking about something, and then they say what they actually have to say each other in personal & they do it in such way that it looks like it just came up and go back to what they where talking about at first.They know each other very well and they know what to say to each other, when to say and where, and their banter truly reflects them.

    Mine personal favorite is the one from 1×16.I love the last line of Sam. actually i lobe it every time Sam brings up the topic of callen’s love life. it’s amazing to watch.
    hatts of to callen corners’ team. good job guys.

  6. ChrisDaisy

    The banter between Sam and G is awesome, especially in Season 1. It’s funny, it’s witty, it makes us laugh. But at the same time there’s often some deeper meaning behind it that lets us have a look into the characters of these two amazing agents (and friends). They use the banter to discuss things, to express their concern for each other, to let each other (or us) have a look into their lives – all in that casual, witty way. This is a large part of what makes NCISLA the outstanding show it is.

    Having said I need to start a Season 1 rewatch marathon RIGHT NOW to see the best partners ever interact on screen!

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