Callen’s Corner: Bratty Moments

After watching “Parley” I’m bumping this post to the top again and re-opening the comments… Bratty much, Callen ??

Well, it’s true. G Callen has his bratty moments.

Almost like a girl wanting her chocolate. Look into my lovely eyes. Go get me chocolate. Now. Please. Thank you.

Yes. Take that moment of “I want it,” or the feeling of it, or the essence, whatever, and think about all the times you’ve watched our blue-eyed hero dance through danger, brandish his gun, go head-to-head with Hetty, and be, well, himself. You can’t deny it. I can’t, either: G Callen has his bratty moments.

brat1I really think that his first love is being difficult. Cheeky, if you will. But lets think back. There was that one time when Sam was talking about his whatever-whatever-grade safe beneath his livingroom floor where he keeps his valuables. Remember the Michael Jackson glove? The one with sequins? Remember how G tried to get Kensi to say something negative about it, and failed miserably? That face. That look that he gave Sam after Kensi replied, “King of Pop?”

The Brat Denied Face.

What about the time G introduced us to Arkady? Remember, Arkady climbed into his limousine and there Callen sat, gun drawn, tense, but faking calm? G greets the Russian, his blue eyes accusing.  “Hello, Arkady.”

The Brat On A Mission Face.

The Horse paper basketball game. Where Sam had ‘H’ and Callen had ‘H-O’ (or was it the other way around?) and they were trying to out-do each other. Callen calls his shot and makes it. The look he gives Sam.

The Brat.

brat4The ultimate example? Included Deeks. Don’t widen your eyes like that. You remember it, too. The episode name was “Fame.” There was a certain credit card involved. I believe it was a sleek, black credit card. Hetty had granted it for the undercover operation at that ritzy club. Deeks was threatened with a letter opener not to allow more than $5,000 on that card. Hetty meant business. When Callen figured it out, he said, “Some people have to learn the hard way.” Then he smiled big and ordered two more $1,000 bottles of champange.


I know that you’re thinking about it now. You see it, too. Well? Don’t just sit there. Be epic and tell us what bratty G moments you recall in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Bratty Moments

  1. Richtsje

    the #brattything you write in here did make me smile, really.
    In fact it is exactly what I like, it makes the character G even more interesting [to me, that is]

  2. justdreaming83

    You know I love the bratty side of Callen! I can think of all the times where Hetty won’t let him do what he wants (like when she tells him he’s “off the case”.) I can just see it in his eyes… he wants to stomp his foot.

  3. Judy

    I really like this article!! I love me some Callen and his bratty moments always leave me grinning like an idiot!!
    Just been re-watching S1 on dvd and I love the episode ‘Full Throttle’ where G has to go back to driving school. His petulance about being forced to attend it by Hetty is hilarious!!
    And that club scene in ‘Fame’, with G ordering the extra bottles of bubbly to teach Deeks a lesson was great – brat indeed!!
    I also love his more recent teasing of Deeks about Kensi and the little smirk he does when he knows he just hit a chord. LOL!!
    Thanks for the article, good fun!! Judy.

  4. sindee

    rewatching “Ambush” just now… when they enter the camp & he rants about “going camping”… BRAT… 😉

  5. Erin

    There was the opening scene in the bullpen, including the pants, then the tootsie roll wrappers and goading Sam in the car “Let’s go, T’Challa” Sam even stated that he regrets telling Callen things and Callen’s reply: “I know” The boathouse interrogation good cop/bad cop.

    Callen was in full on brat mode from start to finish. It was hilarious!

  6. justdreaming-83

    Yes! He was EXTRA bratty in this last episode. Maybe it was because Deeks was more serious. I don’t know. But it kept me smiling. Especially with Sam. He just picked, picked, picked, trying to get a reaction out of him. I loved the way he sat in the car, smacking on his candy, trying to get Sam to say he was hungry, knowing that there was no way Sam was going to partake of the junk food. Every time Sam reveals a bit of his “vulnerability,” Callen uses it. Brat. Brat! BRAT!!!

  7. Joy

    I am on the Deeks float, but even this made me smile. 🙂 I admire G and respect the character, but I guess that Marty’s blonde hair attracts my attention. But that being said, I was rolling on the ground once I got to the “brat denied” face. I sure love these little explanations about Callen!

  8. Chris

    I think this entire website is awesome but I have to say that Callen’s Corner is my favorite. First of all of course because it’s dedicated to one of the most intriguing characters on television but also because it’s written so well. Keviana just gets to the point of things. No matter whether you’re writing about the (hopefully non-existing) Callen/Paris relationship or about his bratty moments (I’ve just been rewatching the glove scene…). Thanks, Keviana! Can’t wait to read more!

  9. I Feel Possessed

    More recently, where Hetty’s gotten Sam a new suit and Callen wants to know where his is…roll on the whole “losing his pants” conversation.

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