Callen’s Corner: Callen and Kids

The basis of a good hero is how well they resist the bad guys, conquer evil with good, and all that jazz.

The basis of a good person requires a little more than that. And, a good guy? A woman judges how good a guy is based on how good he is with the kids. (Something about how a guy’s true nature comes out when he interacts with kids.)

It’s only fair to take a good look at our main hero and see how he gets along with all the young people he’s been exposed to…



Callen and Astrid

Callen shows a willingness to protect any age, any situation. Innocents should not be harmed, and he doesn’t hesitate to show the extra patience that may be uncalled for, but definitely needed.



Callen and Michael

Callen shows a willingness to take the responsibility of being a father. Apparently, he doesn’t want to be a father like he had: an absent one.



Callen and Sam’s Daughter

Callen wants to have a decent reputation with young people; mainly in the area of doing what he says he will. Be it showing up, or giving a gift.



Callen and Alex

Callen cares even that much more when it’s someone in the foster care system, or another orphan. He’s been there. He gets it. And he’s not afraid to take a step closer to remind someone they aren’t alone.



Callen and Alina

Even when younger, Callen wasn’t afraid to play and have fun with kids. He never seems to mind giving of his time. Not then, with Alina, and not now, with Alex.


Ladies, what’s the verdict?

I think we have a case of a good hero, good person, and good guy all wrapped into one.




20 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Callen and Kids

  1. Richtsje

    yes, you are so right! A good guy. He’s good with kids but for the time being, I think only to kids who are not his.
    Before he has got the guts to be a dad, he needs to find somebody to trust to be his wife, be a mum, and after that he probably is too afraid that with his job, he might let down his kids by not being around too much. Or afraid he might put his kids into a far too dangerous life in the end.
    So, an early retirement, or a surprise-dad 😉

    1. Keviana Elliot Post author

      “Surprise-dad”? Please don’t give Shane Brennan ideas. That sounds like a Season 8 BOOM!, right there.

  2. LasiaMsinRed

    I think kids love uncle Callen!
    Eventhough he doesn’t want to admit it he’s good with kids.I wish there were some scenes with Sam’s daughter and G.He seems to be the kind of uncle who gives her sweets behind Sam’s back and shows her show to cheat in poker(or some other game).

  3. SnoopGirl

    “I think we have a case of a good hero, good person, and good guy all wrapped into one.” -> Yes we do 🙂
    He has learned how kids should be treated during the years he has been a Federal Agent and his relationship with Sam and his family and might just secretly yearn to have a child of his own one day.

  4. justdreaming-83

    Ohhh. Keviana, this was just beautiful. My thoughts exactly, only worded so perfectly. In fact, I was just discussing (online) something along these lines with another Callen fan just the other day. “Chris” and I agree that our hero is exceptionally tough, brave, and all that good stuff. But he has a gentleness in some situations that just makes a person melt. (Okay, ME being the person who is turning to complete mush here in front of my computer, just thinking about it.) Callen cares for the underdog, worries about those who are all alone, and even occasionally tears up when hearing of someone else’s grief. He can claim that kids don’t like him all he wants. And he can deny his sensitivity. But we all know what’s inside our tough G Callen… a tender and caring heart.

    1. Richtsje

      You put it in words so well, @JustDreaming… Melting when he shows tiny pieces of the loving&caring side there is, his sensitive side. More, please!

  5. Monty

    Callen is a good man.
    Surely he is stiff and stern but he has a good soul.
    I really liked the episode with Alex. G was very tender with him.
    But after writing this I stopped me right here.
    I do not like kids, I do not like teenagers.
    Children do not make me tenderness and teenagers are too cocky.
    They are a human category that I defend to the bitter end.
    So I behave with older people.
    But I’m a bad girl.
    I am funny and comical, but I’m not sweet, not romantic, not tender.
    (I’m romantic only to Martin Deeks because I’m in love with him!)
    And I raised my daughter … with mortar fire!
    She is a girl very, very bad.

    Hi from Roma.

  6. Chris

    “I think we have a case of a good hero, good person, and good guy all wrapped into one.” – You’re so right and that’s yet another reason to fall for Callen…
    I agree with LasiaMsinRed, G seems to be the kind of uncle to absolutely dodge Sam’s rules and he surely enjoys doing it! (Wouldn’t that show his bratty side? – Just to come back to one of the previous Callen’s Corner posts… ☺)

    However, I don’t see him having kids for some time. Aside from the the fact that he needs to find „Mrs. Right“ I don’t think he would want to jeopardize his childrens well-being.
    Given his job he would be gone a lot, there’s always a chance of him not coming back and there would be a lot of secrets and things he would have to keep back from them.
    He doesn’t want to risk his children growing up the way he did, without a proper family and being kept in the dark.
    So just as Richtsje said, either an early retirement or a surprise dad… but without a doubt he would be a very caring and tender one (I am completely with you, justdreaming ☺.

  7. OSPliasion

    Very nice, Keviana!

    After reading this I had to think about Gibbs, I don’t know what triggered it. They are alike but Gibbs knows how it is to have a daughter – and to lose her.

    I loved the ep with Charlie 🙂 And G’s facial expression in the moment of doubt when he considered if the boy could be his son.

    I’m maybe pessimistic but I think daddy Callen is far away IF it will ever happen. It’s not always a happy ending for characters like him/his (? sorry for bad English). Lone wolf, trust issues, field of work and so on. The family and kids thing works for fan fiction but is out of character (after 4 seasons) in my opinion.

    1. Keviana Elliot Post author

      I agree. But, hey. It’s still something we look at in a guy, right? (;

      PS: I loved that “G doubt” moment, too.

  8. April

    Have to see an agent to be with callen.

    He is the one alone, he deserves to be happy.

    Wish it was Lauren Hunter, they had chemistry together.

    Shane Brennan could make it alive.

  9. Telma

    “I just want you to be happy and find a good girl!” – Sam Hanna in Chinatown
    Well, I just want G. Callen, our beautiful hero, to be happy and find a good girl!
    Just a thought: in this (wow) season 8 the viewer will able to see: Kensi is pregnant with Deeks child; Nell and Eric are going to be parents; Sam and his wife are going to be parents…again; G. Callen finds out his girlfriend is pregnant with his child and he is going to have a beautiful family! And of course Hetty is going to have these amazing children, her “grandkids” playing around her and making noise, noise and noise. “Oh bugger!”
    This is a little bit weird but we don’t now … Mr. Shane Brenann …just wow.
    Thank you keviana for this awesome post… NCIS: LA ROCKS, anytime, anyplace <3
    G. Callen always will be my favorite hero. I love Daniela Ruah and Chris O’ Donnell <3

    1. Monty

      No, no, no.
      Please, Telma, please. At least the friendship you feel about Martin A. Deeks? You do not see how much he is sad with Kensi? Children? For heaven’s sake!

  10. Chloe

    ”I just want you to be happy and find a good girl”- Sam – and I strongly agree! In the end of the episode Search and Destroy G says: ” Teach your son how to play basketball seams pretty idealic.” G is a great man (and is so hot). I am sure he would be a great dad!

  11. Monty

    Last night I watched again the 1×12.
    G facial expression is a mixture of terror and revelation.
    G is unripe in the feelings, especially those parent-child relationship.
    Too much love he will have to try before it is ready for the greatest form of love that is granted to humans.
    The children are loved more than god.
    The life of G is very hard, we let him have fun!
    Before talking about the paternity of G, why do not we wish him a girlfriend, or two, or three …?
    Better four!
    G will be happy and I too: Deeks / Kensi (terrible couple, never seen a couple so inadequate) would disappear for a while time.

    Hi from Roma.

  12. I Feel Possessed

    I agree with Monty especially 1×12. Callen instantly wonders if the child could be his but doesn’t ask, skirts the issue and only openly wonders when Sam challenges him. And even then he would have walked away if Hetty had not advised him to search for his truth.

    Callen protects those who need it, is ruthless when required (he would have shot that kid if he pulled the lever to poison the water supply), and is scared to admit to his own feelings. He barely interacts with kids but clearly has an affinity to Sam’s.

    Read Carol H’s fanfiction “An Eye for An Eye” as she has this side of Callen down perfectly!

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