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The element of G Callen meets the element of something stable in his life for the first time: a house.

Not a home, but definitely the next best thing.

Formally a home belonging to his foster parents of long ago, the Rostoff Family, Hetty procured the house for Callen after Alina’s passing.

Go with us through the poignant images…

We watch him stop and look at the house from the outside, soaking in the moment. Though his stay with the Rostoffs was short, he had lived with this foster-family longer than any other… The familiarity of the key being hidden in the same place seems to bring him some sort of comfort. He opens the door and are able to see the house just as his foster sister Alina left it… And, by the look in his eyes when he steps through the door, it must have been very close to the way his foster parents had kept it. Whether it was the memory of the way it felt beneath his feet or the sound it made, or both, G seems amused when he steps onto the grate in the floor. He recalls Mrs. Rostoff there in the kitchen. She turns around in his memory and gives him a sweet smile. He plays with his “little sister” in another memory. He and Alina look so happy. Callen goes into one of the bedrooms and sits down on the very bed he slept on when he stayed there, years ago. He opens the closet door and runs his fingers over where he had carved his name and the date. More memories flood his mind. And, judging from the half-smile and the look of wonder in his blue eyes, they were good memories.

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Callen allowed Hetty to railroad him into buying the house. He could have found a way to get out of it if he’d really wanted to. His accepting the house represented his willingness to attempt staying in one place. Or, as Dr. Nate Getz would add, allowing himself to heal just that much more.

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Since coming home? Callen hasn’t purchased much furniture for his home. In fact, it’s sort of bare. He’s never owned much, so he doesn’t see the need for anything but the basics. He sleeps on his bedroll, as he’s done since he moved in three years ago. The only form of entertainment in the house is his chessboard, which he leaves on the floor. It may be a slightly sad situation, furnishings-wise, but it has created an opportunity for some great dialog:

G Callen: [a chair catches Callen’s eye] “That’s a nice chair.”
Sam Hanna: “What would you know? You don’t own any furniture.”
G Callen: “Well maybe it’s time I got a chair.”
Sam Hanna: [huffs] “Yeah!”  [clears his throat and looks at the price tag] “$3,700.”
G Callen: “I don’t need a chair.”

[Sam walks into the armory, Deeks and Kensi on his heels.]
Sam Hanna: “Someone broke into Callen’s house last night.”
Kensi: “What?”
Deeks: “Did they steal anything?”
Kensi: “He’s got nothing to steal.”

[Callen unlocks his front door and turns in the light. We get a glimps of his living room for the first time. There’s a single chair, a side table with a few books on,and a tall lamp in the other corner. He walks into the kitchen, throws his keys on the bench and opens the fridge. Beer and a Chinese takeaway box from the previous night can be seen inside. He opens the bottle and throws the bottle top into the sink. He hears a creak.  He closes the fridge and grabs his gun. He walks closer to the living room doorway, until he hears the footsteps. He looks and sees Hetty.]
Hetty: “I like what you’ve done with the place.”
G Callen: “Okay now. If this is about Arkady, I can…”
Hetty: “I would have done the same thing myself. No. This is about you, Mr. Callen. I know that you are looking for answers, but the thing about the past, is just that. It’s the past. Today is what’s important. And, I for one, am glad you’re here. I brought this for you. [Hetty passes a bag to Callen]
G Callen: “What did you buy me, a plant?” [takes it out of the bag]
Hetty: [laughs] “It’s an epiphyte. It’s perfect for you. [Callen sits down on his chair] It doesn’t require soil, you don’t need to water it. It absorbs moisture from the air. It doesn’t even need roots. But they make it more stable.
[Callen looks up at Hetty.  He knows she is referring to him.]

Callen seems to work well with the house, yet he’s always alert and prepared to leave. He’s used to leaving. Something he learned as a child – something not easily overcome. Perhaps this will change when more light is shed on his past and he finds closure?

What do YOU think?


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4 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Callen’s House

  1. BH72

    I really loved Callen’s reaction, when Hetty tells him she acquired a good deal on a house for him. Instantly he refuses, until Hetty assures him that he will like the neighborhood. The look he gives her and the reaction in his eyes when he looks at the address. Hetty had gone beyond anything that anyone had ever done for him. Given him his home back. The one place he felt like he belonged. It must have given him a great deal of satisfaction to say he already had a key. He knew it was still in the plant pot, as he visited the house just after Alina was murdered.
    Although Hetty told him the bottle she gave a friend to look over the contract was his house warming gift, she still brings him that plant. She knows him so well, and went that extra mile to find the right plant that had a double meaning with the roots. No wonder Callen finds it easy to forgive her when she tests his trust issues with her. She has proven to him in action just how much he means to her.

  2. justdreaming-83

    Well said, BH72. This house ignited good memories for G.

    And now, other than maybe living somewhere while on an undercover assignment, he’s lived in this house longer than any other since he was five years old. That’s got to bring at least some sense of stability and comfort to our Callen.

  3. Richtsje

    In fact, he doesn’t need a whole house, but only a place he feels at home. And maybe he hardly furnished his house, he does have that special corner, with a chair, some books, his game of chess… As long as he feels safe and is able to relax, it is alright for Callen. And so it is for us, although I would love to go shopping with him, curiuous as I am what it would be he likes to see in a house if another person would ask 😉

  4. Shelia

    I think the house means more to Callen than he will ever admit; the place where the happiest memories of his childhood occurred. A place he where he knows all the nooks and crannies, where there will be no surprises. A place that he can be comfortable in, a place to call home.

    The meager belongings he has placed in his house say a lot, in fact I think the house is just a bigger memory box than the one on the mantle. (Of course I would love to see some more furniture in his house.)

    Hetty’s choice of the plant did have a double meaning and hopefully it will survive as will Callen.

    Thanks for the great article.

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