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Redacted File 2,499: Where do you think Callen’s story arc will go this season, and what would you like to be revealed?

Mary: I think we may find out more about Callen’s father. Not that I think they will actually bring him to the show as a living relative… But what I really, really would like to see? Amy is not really buried in Hannah’s grave.

Vicki: Oh, Mary, you are spot on. Shane Brennan is great at revealing tidbits of Callen’s family. 1. He had a sister Amy. 2. He was in danger from the Comescus. 3. Hetty knew his Mother, Clara. So we learnt a little of her and his grandfather George. I think it’s time for something about his Father (really think Granger is the missing link to help G find out this info), and I would love to find out Amy really is alive. But, I think only one thing will be revealed. Just enough to wet out appetites. Answer one question, but open up the door to more questions. Remember how Keelson told Callen he was asking the wrong questions? And that it was all so much bigger than the both of them? Oh, and finding out his name. That’s a biggest of all for our federal agent. A name!

Richtsje: I think there is more to the guy on the graveyard. The little note he found there and the car that drove away, in which there was definitely more than 1 person… It might be his sister or other family. Maybe even Hunter, which would not surprise me in the end.

Keviana: I would like to see that he and Deeks are actually half-brothers. I think Callen would freak. Do I think Shane will do that? Not really. However, I DO suspect that Callen and Deeks will be forced to know each other a little better this season. And, it’s about time! Go back through the last few seasons. It’s almost as if they were keeping G and Marty apart on purpose. My suspicion was there would be something major coming between those two. Now, I just want to know what.

ChrisDaisy: I am definitely with Mary on this one. Finally some major revelations on Callen’s past – yay!!!. I, too, would like to see Amy be alive, after all. For me, Amy is the only one who can give G some kind of “family feeling”… I somehow doubt that there will be a happy family reunion when G’s father shows up… I just don’t see G welcoming his father with open arms… It would be interesting to learn something more about his father, though. I, too, think that there is much more to Callen’s past than everyone expects. As Vickie said, they will continue providing only bits and pieces which will lead to new questions – and that is good because the mystery makes the character so intriguing, and is what keeps the show going. G will never stop looking, and we will all happily join him in his search!

Serena: Let’s see… JPK said on Twitter that Callen will get some answers from his past in S5, a nemesis will help him out (a Comescu of sorts according to him), and, I just discovered, a spoiler from EOnline that quoted Chris O’Donnell as saying we’ll find out what the G stands for! (Long overdue for Callen, I think). S5 is definitely gonna be Callen-tastic!

Merrie: I want to know more about Callen’s family, his father especially. I was hoping Hunter was actually Amy, Callen’s sister, but I guess we can rule that out since we saw her blow up with the car. 🙁 I agree with Richtsje… I want to know who that was in the graveyard, and what he has to do with Callen’s past. I would also like to see Hetty be a little more candid with what she knows about Callen’s past, especially since Nate has come back and he knows who was keeping the note book full of foster homes and dates.

I’m hoping they keep Nate around for a while. It would give to a lot more opening up on the team’s part, with him there. He seems to be the only one they trust with their pasts. I also what to know what he’s been doing the past few years. 🙂

Vicki: Ditto to what everyone has said. There is so much to be revealed about Callen. The mystery about him is one of the many things we love about this character. I hope no one leaves at the end of season five. They all make such a great team.

———- END REDACTED FILE 2,499 ———-


What will happen with g and marty

Redacted File 2,475: How might Callen’s story arc intersect with Deeks’ story arc, working with the theory that Shane Brennan has told us, that both of these characters’ backgrounds will be explored in Season 5?

Mary: Ever since we found out Hetty takes a special interest in orphans, I have wondered if she has also followed Deeks. I know he’s not technically an orphan, but she does seem to care for him deeply.

Keviana: With Hetty watching and collecting orphans, perhaps Deeks was one that was in a similar situation as Callen in a foster home. Or, perhaps, they stayed at the exact same foster home… It that were the case, maybe Callen has more repressed memories.

Serena: Do they intersect? I was always under the impression that it’ll be two separate stories and thus told separately. Shane did say that the 100th ep will be a watershed one for Callen and Deeks… And then there’s that spoiler about someone leaving the team (my guess is Deeks as ECO said there’s a possibility of him returning to LAPD – so that could be the watershed moment for his character and Callen – it’ll probably have something to do with his past.)

Richtsje: Didn’t JPK mention it was one of the homebound characters? That would mean Hetty, Granger, Nell or Eric. I don’t think Deeks and Callen are sharing the same backgrounds. Read quite a lot of fanfiction in which they share a similar foster home, indeed, but to me it would sound a bit too coincidental… Maybe all goes wrong with Sam & Michelle and Sam blames Callen so much that there will be trust issues and somebody, Hetty, Granger or another team member, decides that they HAVE to split up for a while. But no, I do not see why their backgrounds should be explored at the same time. Better both apart, like we had more on Quinn & Sam which surprised viewers, and before that on Kensi’s father.
Why not have similar background stories for Deeks and G?

Serena: Hm. Could be that Nell is being groomed to take over Hetty’s job or something to that effect… (Though I hope not! I love all the Callen-Hetty interactions!)

Vicki: It’s true at Callen and Deeks’ characters have been kept apart for so long throughout Seasons 2-4. There was much focus on Deeks and Kensi being partners, and the need for some form of relationship to occur. But there were issues from when both Sam and Deeks were undercover at the MMA club, still lying there under the surface. This has finally come to the surface, but both of them have been thrown into hell by Siderov. Deeks will have issues from this torture, that is for sure. And it may very well bring back the pain from his abusive childhood to the forefront of his mind. This is where I believe Callen will come in. He can relate to Deeks in more than anyone else on the team. Issues from Callen’s abusive past in foster care will provide him the necessary tools to help Deeks. I know there have been theories of perhaps Deeks and Callen being half-brothers or even full-blooded brothers (great story in Pure Agony, Keviana), but I personally haven’t thought anything more than shared past experiences.

ChrisDaisy: I don’t really think that Callen’s and Deeks’ backstories are related. I’m guessing that there will two separate story arcs for each, Deeks and Callen. It’s an interesting thought, though, that Hetty might have been watching Deeks for quite a long time, too…

S5 might lead to a closer relationship for Callen and Deeks. Considering what happened between Deeks and Sam respectively, and Deeks and Kensi in the finale, I’m guessing that if Deeks relates to a team member to cope with what happened, Callen might be the one. As it was already said here, there are certain similarities in Callen’s and Deeks’ past that might bring them closer together. In addition, I am fairly sure that in the past Callen had to go through similar situations to what Deeks did in the S4 finale. As fearless and untouchable as Callen seems to be, it is unlikely that he has never been held captive in all his years as an Agent (don’t want to think about that *shudder*…). So G might be able to help Deeks cope with the situation in that respect, too. And, this might probably help G in dealing with his feelings of guilt in return…? Hhm, before things get too twisted in my mind I think I should leave the psychological evaluation to Nate who will thankfully be back…

Vicki: Ditto, ChrisDaisy.

Richtsje: Maybe SB meant it differently. If Kensi will be ‘out’ for a while, maybe Callen and Deeks will team up for a while. What if there will be a new ‘Dom’; I remember Sam liked to work with him as a junior partner. Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

ChrisDaisy: That’s an interesting thought, Richtsje.

Mary: Deeks wasn’t around in Season 1 when WE (the viewers) were exposed to a bit of Callen’s background. Maybe he knows. Maybe not. Could be that the similarities of growing up in unstable environments will be realized? I’m also guessing that this is why Hetty hand-picked Detective Deeks to work with her team. She takes a special interest in the young who are in need of a family.

———- END REDACTED FILE 2,475 ———-

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2 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Redacted Files, II

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Interesting. From what I can gather it seems Callen may find out his first name (I don’t really want to know) and we will find out more about his part in S5E4. It would be good for him to have something more tangible, but whether he will meet his father or maybe just find out about him (and hopefully that revelation will cause some kind of shock). I’m holding out for the latter.

    As per Callen G, Keilson said Callen was asking the wrong questions and there was something much bigger in play.

    If Amy turns out to be alive I will stop watching at that would be stupid. I love the mystery of Callen and they will not reveal everything and will ensure more questions are posed.

    Again it would be too soap opera-y if Callen and Deeks were related and shared more than just an abused childhood. But I would love to see them paired up as I totally agree that they have barely had much interaction since Deeks joined the team.

  2. BH72

    whatever Callen finds out about himself/past, it will have an impact on him. I truly believe Granger can help Callen with this. He’s from the CIA, so the chance of him knowing his Mother or even his Father, is greater than we may realise. From the word go Granger has pushed Callen. I have to say, it was refreshing and interesting to see Granger and Callen working seamlessly together in Ascension.

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