Callen’s Corner: Which Car Next?

The nearing of Season 5 is raising many questions among the fans.

Did Sam get free?
Will Deeks be alive?
Michelle–did she fall?

Yadda, yadda, yadda… Big stuff, I know. Yet, there’s something that hasn’t been mentioned, and it’s on my mind for this post.

I think it’s pretty important, too. See what you think…

Which car will Callen have next?

Sam's car

It really does seem like Callen’s been given the nicest, hottest, fastest, most-sparkly machines in the whole world. Outside of the car that his partner drives regularly, there aren’t too many gorgeous cars left, are there?

You tell me.

Callen has had a Mercedes Benz CL 63 AMG.



He’s had a Jaguar XK.



And, the most expen$$ive car G Callen has had; an Aston Martin Rapide. [Super-expensive spelling mine, since this car goes for $200,000+ in the U.S.A. Yikes.]

Aston Martin Rapide 2


Each sleek, and each of them fitting our hero pretty darn well. And, we all know that it is the most important feature of any car, that it match the personality of its driver. We can’t be having a wimpy car for Callen, no sir! That’s why I wonder.

What car will Callen have for Season 5?

Any guesses?

Maybe one day we will figure out what happens to these beautiful cars, too…


15 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Which Car Next?

  1. Merrily17

    I’m gonna go with the new Jaguar that was just released. Don’t know the name, as I really don’t pay attention all that much to car commercials, but it’s HOT, and definitely needs to be G’s next car!

  2. BH72

    Sounds perfect for G Callen! Whatever the next car for him to have, will definitely have us all swooning and coveting over. Who wouldn’t want to go out on a date with a handsome guy driving a car that looked like that? The Aston Martin Rapide has been my favourite one so far on the show.

  3. justdreaming-83

    Okay. I had to laugh at what crazy fans our G Callen must have. A team member and his partner are being tortured and CC is discussing his next car. What made me laugh even harder? I’m right there with you, baby!

    Sorry. I don’t know enough about expensive cars to respond appropriately to this post. I’m still half asleep so here I go responding anyway. I may not have a lot of car knowledge, but I know what looks good with our blue-eyed agent when I see it (all of the above are winners), and I know what does NOT match him at all.

    After he wrecked the beautiful Mercedes, he “hijacked” a vehicle (by waving his weapon around in front of that poor frightened guy on the sidewalk.) And ladies and gentlemen, THAT car absolutely did NOT fit our hero. But it got him to the orphanage where he was able to learn about having a sister, and where he saved Hannah Lawson’s life. So for that, “plain car,” I am thankful. Just don’t plan on making my cut for car choices in season 5.

    What DOES work for our hero? Something that’s sleek, shiny, powerful, and absolutely stunning.

  4. SnoopGirl

    It’s a toss up between the blue and green Jag’s he’s driven. But as for make of car – Jaguar for sure! It’s a sleek, sexy, hot, fast, and solid car. The Jag is a more practical car for his work vs the Red or Black Mustang he should be driving when not working.

    Whomever picked that car for him knew what they were doing just as they knew Sam’s car HAD to be a Challenger. Could you picture Sam driving a big honking black SUV or the Escalade (I think that’s the make) that Kensi drives? Neither can I.

    Hurry up September 24th 🙂

  5. Richtsje

    Ha! I simply loved the last one he was driving; a green Jag it was! But as you know, Callen is best in simply blending in the crowds and become a ghost. In my opinion he might use a more simple car, less showy [that is, unless Hetty sends him on a mission and he HAS to be flamboyant! I suggest a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, dear writers of the show].

    So, my choice of car for this season? The most driven car I’ve seen in LA were the Toyota hybrids. But I don’t mean those, heck no.
    Can’t really make a decision, a porsche Panamera or an Audi RS7 😉 Now, how’s that for a ordinary car?!

  6. Richtsje

    In fact, those cars he drove in the past were quite noticable cars, especially for a guy who needs to go unseen, become a ghost and blending into ordinary life. Sure, they were posh and I loved them! Now first&last time I visited Los Angeles, there were thousands of Toyota hybrids driving around. So, how’s that for going unnoticable, hè? Awful indeed, it would be a bad choice in my opinion.
    It NEEDS to be fast because the guys need to BE fast, it’s as simple as that.
    Can’t really make my mind up, a Porsche Panamera or an AudiRS7 would fit nicely, but again, are quite flamboyant in the end. Ehm, how about my winner > BMW 435i. Wanna know how it looks? I’ve only seen one single picture of it, without Callen unfortunately… But feel free to comment 🙂

    1. Keviana Elliot Post author

      Richtsje, just looked up the BMW 435i. I’m sold. If cars were judged by heat, we’d be at 2,000,000 Scoville heat units. Burn, baby, burn. G NEEDS that car.

  7. Domingo

    The new Jag is fantastic, they had it on Top Gear on Sunday UK TV, but I stll like the Aston.

  8. Tabea

    The new Jaguar f-type is my favorite but i also like the ford mustang boss and shelby . The ford GT might be too much, same with the Dodge viper. I don’t know why everyone likes the new BMW so much , looks just like any old BMW. A corvette stingray might be a bit too edgy. The Mclaren SLR would be cool just a bit unrealistic.

  9. LasiaMsinred

    Just a short comment before I have to leave….
    For me it works the other way around,because there are many great car out there but there’s one type(more of a brand) that I DON’T want him to have..a MERCEDES.Nope he’s not a Mercedes-guy!

    1. SnoopGirl

      I agree! Sure they are a nice car but HELLO? Boring for a character like G. Callen. I’m still loving the Jag 🙂 And seriously, who was possessed into thinking an Aston Martin Rapide was a good car choice for a an NCIS Special Agent? Beautiful car but not practical in any way for Callen and his job.

  10. Sally

    I’ve been really cheeky and tweeted Chris O’Donnell that question! What car can he possibly get that beat the ones he’s had already.

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