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Touch of Death (3×21) rerun


Missed the #H50/#NCISLA crossover the first time ?? Today’s your chance to catch up… tune in to tonight’s rerun of #H50 “Pa Make Loa” – the first episode of the two-episode crossover with NCIS Los Angeles- the NCISLA episode “Touch of Death” will air tomorrow (Sept 11) at 9pm… this is a not-to-be-missed TV event !!

Dave Yaden Interview

When you first listen to Dave Yaden’s music, you are immediately transported back to the early 1970’s when Elton John first burst on to the music scene. You recognized that clear, bluesy, tenor voice and can tell right away that John had to have been a huge influence. Yaden’s sound harkens back to the time when the folk/rock troubadour whas king and thankfully, he now brings that music genre forward to the new century in a new and updated edition.

Dave is a singer/songwriter and piano player who grew up in the LA music scene and had a number of bands while attending the University of Southern California. During his ten years in the business he has worked with everybody from One Republic to Lady Antebellum. We first found out about Dave when his first composition was used on NCIS:LA in Season Three: Touch of Death. We took some time to sit down with Dave to ask him about his career and his contribution to the NCIS:LA soundtrack.

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