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NCIS Los Angeles ‘Leipei’ Guest William Shockley Interview

606_ws1. You are in the business for quite some time now… What drew you into acting originally ? What keeps you going ?

I first thought about acting when I was in the 9th grade watching a school play. I vividly remember thinking to myself, “Wow, that’s what I want to do.” I’d been involved in sports up to that point and had wanted to pursue a career in pro baseball, but the acting bug took root and I never looked back. I did local theatre in Texas after college, eventually got signed by an agent in Dallas and booked ROBOCOP on my first audition. It all worked out organically. I keep going because I love what I do. I am very passionate about acting and always enjoy assuming the identity of a character and discovering the traits that will bring something interesting to the screen.

2. In this week’s NCISLA episode “Leipei” you are playing ‘Rand Palmer’. What can you tell us about your character ? Who did you work with on screen ? Any stories you can share… without giving any of the storyline away ?

My character is a Texas Militia cult leader. He is firmly committed in his beliefs about America and the unjust control that major corporations possess. My scenes were with Chris O’Donnell during the episode. He was a super nice guy and a true pleasure to work with.

3. Was it difficult to mix with the main stars of the show ? Are there any differences in the working style and acting methods of the main cast ? What is it like to be a guest star on NCISLA ?

I only worked with Chris O’Donnell. I found that Chris and I had similar styles in acting. We were both relaxed, joking around in-between takes, but when it came time to work, it was game on. Chris is a total professional and really delivers the goods on set. Being a guest star can sometimes feel strange. You are joining a cast and crew for a short period of time, and the show generally has its rhythm and “family” feeling in tact. In the case of NCIS:LA, they’ve been together for 5 years. But, Chris, director David Rodriguez, and writer/producer Kyle Harimoto, made me feel so welcome and part of their team for that episode. I can’t speak highly enough about the experience I had on NCIS:LA.


4. You are a man of many talents and have a long list of credits for writing and producing as well ? What drew you “behind the camera” ? Which “side” do you prefer ?

I got drawn into writing when I was on the CBS drama “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”. It was a gift to be on that show, and during those six years, I became friends with Josef Anderson, a writer/producer on the series. Josef and I co-wrote a pilot script together that got set-up at Miramax TV for a period of time. The pilot did not get made, but I knew that I was onto something that I truly enjoyed, the writing, and something that I felt I could pursue and get better at with each effort. I can’t say that I prefer one side of the camera to the other. Acting is wildly rewarding and exhilarating. It’s been in my blood for a long time now. Yet, writing and producing are equally challenging and satisfying. I get an honest sense of fulfillment from all three jobs.

5. Your credits list the film “Reaper” with Danny Trejo. Did you know he was a guest on NCIS Los Angeles as well ? The fans loved him !! What was it like to work with him ?

I didn’t know that Danny was on NCIS:LA, but I’m sure the fans loved him. He is such a good actor and portrays compelling characters. I had a blast working with Danny on REAPER. He was so nice on the set. Danny was actually the good guy in that film, and I was a twisted bad guy alongside Vinnie Jones.

6. Tell us, what’s up next for you? And how fans can keep in touch with you…

I have a film being released on December 16 entitled BORN WILD. I star with Kix Brooks, of “Brooks & Dunn” fame. Kix and I became friends on this film along with the director, Dustin Rikert. We formed a production company together, Team Two Entertainment, along with Eric Brooks, and have made several films since then. I’ve just finished co-writing a script with Scott Windhauser entitled COMPLETE 360, inspired by the Kix Brooks song “Complete 360” from his recent solo album. I’m really excited about this script and its potential. Team Two Entertainment recently merged with a company in Dallas and we’ve formed a new label, Vaquero Studios. COMPLETE 360 is one of three scripts that Vaquero commissioned us to write, so there will be a lot of filmmaking going on in 2015. Fans can stay in touch with me via my website, and on Twitter @willshockley.

NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium” Guest Star Cuyle Carvin Interview

Welcome to our first NCIS Los Angeles Guest Star interview of the season! 🙂

We had the chance to get in touch with Cuyle Carvin who will appear as ‘Beckett’ in the third episode of the sixth season of NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium”, written by Erin Broadhurst and directed by Dennis Smith.

Read about his time on NCISLA and how he is also a cartoon character in a children’s coloring book…

CuyleYou are in the business for quite some time now… What drew you into acting originally ? What keeps you going ?
I’m not sure I can pinpoint any one reason for deciding to become an actor. I was never into theater, I’m still not. I didn’t grow up wanting to be an actor, in fact, I really didn’t have any interest in looking at it as a profession until my senior year of college. In retrospect, I can say that my favorite movie, BRAVEHEART, probably had the biggest influence. When I saw that in a theater, I remember it was the first time a movie was more than just a movie to me. The passion of the characters and the story transcended anything I had ever seen before. I wanted to have influence over people just the way that BRAVEHEART influenced me. And I think that’s still what keeps me going. Of course there’s the creative and financial aspects that have to be fulfilled, but I really want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Film and TV have such an enormous impact on cultures around the world, they can literally change perspectives and lives. On top of that, I really want to be able to use the influence that this industry can provide individuals to do good for others, that’s probably my main goal at this point.

In this week’s NCISLA episode “Praesidium” you are playing ‘Beckett’. What can you tell us about your character ? Who did you work with on screen ? Any stories you can share… without giving any of the storyline away ?
All I can really say is that I’m a hired mercenary. I’m put to task to help the NCIS team. I had the wonderful experience of working with Linda Hunt and Rocky Carroll. I don’t have any great anecdotes but I had a great conversation with Linda off screen about our love for New England. We’re both from the east coast and we both miss it so much.

Did you participate in the table read for the episode ? What was that experience like ?
I was part of the table read. It was their first table read of the new season so it was quite busy. It was the biggest table read I’ve been a part of so far. We had about 15 cast members, the director, writer and EP’s of the episode and show present. Plus there were roughly 30-40 members in an audience watching us read. The stars of the show were very generous and nice, each coming up to introduce themselves to me – as if I didn’t know right. I did NCIS a couple of years ago as well and between working on both shows, the cast and crew of both shows, from the personnel at casting all the way up to the studio have been some of my favorite people to work with.

C.C. in white shirt & tieWas it difficult to mix with the main stars of the show ? Are there any differences in the working style and acting methods of the main cast ? What is it like to be a guest star on NCISLA ?
Each actor definitely has their own thing going on, as all do across the industry. I didn’t get the opportunity to work with most of the main cast so I can’t comment on that, but, Rocky and Linda are obviously some of the most talented people in Hollywood. As with any great actor and talent, they made everything seem so easy. What I really appreciated about them is that they were welcoming. It’s not easy being a celebrity, not that I can attest, but I can only imagine it’s gotta be tough sometimes to be a recognized actor. People consistently walking up to you asking for pictures, autographs, handshakes, etc. whenever you leave your house. Plus you have new guest cast in every episode that you have to deal with, new directors to work with. I’ve been on other shows where some of the regulars just had had enough meeting new guest cast and such that come through a revolving door. They weren’t rude but were just over going out of their way to make chit chat with everyone who comes along, and I don’t blame them. But as I mentioned, everyone involved on the NCIS shows have been excellent across the board.

Tell us a bit about The Cuyle Carvin Coloring Book – a book about the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits for children. How did the idea come up to do some charity work on this topic especially for children?
Cartoon Cuyle and his live counterpartSo a friend of mine, Fred Grandinetti is a huge Popeye fan, author and illustrator. He produces an award winning children’s show in Boston called Drawing with Fred. I had been a part of a few children centric charities when we met and we came up with the idea to make the coloring book which we could hand out to schools, hospitals and charity events. Fred wrote the story of the book, Dave Hudon did the illustration. I basically gave feedback until we all came up with the final version of the book. It’s basically a coloring book that encourages children to get outside, exercise and eat right. We all think it’s incredibly important to help kids make healthier decisions, especially when they’re so young, in hopes that they’ll continue with a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.

Working on a TV show is known for having some grueling schedules and long days, what’s your go-to healthy snack to stay on-track during those busy times?
If I’m not filming then you can definitely find me stuffing my face at the crafty table. I mostly go for the fresh fruits, nuts and salads. I’m a sucker for Starburst though. Usually the catering have some great choices for meals too. I’m a vegetarian as well and they always have a ton of options.

What’s up next for you?
I was on HAWAII FIVE 0 on October 3. I just wrapped up a Hallmark Movie of the Week, MR. FICTION, which should air later this fall, but I don’t have air dates. I filmed an episode of HBO’s new show THE BRINK which starts later this year as well. Some good things are happening and all I can do is keep working hard to help maintain the progress.
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me, I really appreciate the support.

We say ‘Thank you, Cuyle’ for taking the time to answer our questions !!

Make sure to follow him on twitter @CuyleCarvin and donate to one of his charities =>

Interview with Matthew Grant Godbey by @Phillydi

@David Carlson

@David Carlson

Matthew Grant Godbey plays our favorite recurring LAPD Detective Dan Evans on NCIS Los Angeles…. after Marty Deeks that is!  Godbey has guest starred in three of the most popular fan favorite episodes Blye K, Stand Off and Missing.  He returns this year for the 100th episode, Reznikov, N. to reprise his role as Detective Evans working alongside Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.  I had a chance to talk with Matthew about his varied career as an actor, writer and filmmaker.  As with most creative people, it’s no surprise that he has other creative talents especially as an accomplish painter who has had his paintings shown in galleries in Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam.  Matthew always has a great time returning to the set of NCISLA and we got a chance to find out more about his career and his time spent on set with the cast and crew.  Welcome Matthew to the NCISLA familia!

It seems your creativity has no boundaries and you wear many hats: actor, producer, writer, designer, and artist.  Is there one area where you began your artistic journey?

I was always an artist. I had that talent from as long as I can remember as far as being a painter and drawing.  I always thought that was what I was going to be from an early age.  I’m from Cincinnati and locally I dabbled in acting and modeling as something fun on the side.  I got a late start in acting professionally because of working locally but I started to do some theatre for fun and fell in love with the collaborative aspect of art whereas the painter works alone in a studio and it’s kind of a lonesome pursuit.  I still do both and I’m very serious about both but I really enjoy getting out of the studio and collaborating with other people.  I was probably close to 30 before I considered myself a professional actor or a union actor.

Do you wear a lot of those hats at the same time or do you go in phases?

I go in phases because it just depends on what I have going on and this year is a perfect example.  I  had an art show was running through most of last year and into 2013 and then I booked a couple of acting gigs and my show closed down as well and then all of a sudden I got some commissioned art work to do and so I was involved in that very heavily.  After I finished this work I went back to the acting.  I did a film and then this episode and had done a short film and now I started taking it to some festivals and got into the producing side of things.  I get consumed with one thing at a time but I jump back and forth.

What area do you enjoy the most?

I find acting the most enjoyable.  It’s play to me….especially after I studied the craft and I knew what I was doing and I wasn’t out there guessing.  At that point it becomes freedom to play.  I do my work prior and then when I’m on set it becomes play time.  I enjoy the acting process.  In terms of producing the reward factor is very high because it is the most difficult thing that I do.  It’s rewarding to see something through and it’s a pretty cool accomplishment and it’s a collaborative art and get to feel a satisfaction of working together with other people.

Your art work is very striking….I love your use of color.  How did you develop your style?

I think it just came from thousands of hours in the studio; it just came to discover my style through accident and experimentation.  I think I started the style I’ve become known for around the late 1990’s and stuck with it and trying to push it to its limits.

@Jacqueline Nivens

@Jacqueline Nivens

Let’s put on your actor hat…. You are returning as Dan Evans in a recurring role that spans over 5 episodes since season two.  Other than the stars of the show, this is a rare occurrence.  What changes have you seen over the course of the show?

The biggest thing I’ve seen from my limited time on set is the friendships and relationships between the characters and the show not primarily focusing on the procedure at hand of catching the bad guys.  These relationships of these main characters have developed and their love for one another.  There is so much more humor involved in the show today than there was five years ago.  I’m also happy to be involved in the 100th episode that Shane (Brennan) wrote which made me feel very grateful and very proud that he chose me to be in his episode and it was an honor.

It must have been very electric on set for this episode?

Everybody was excited and in a good mood.  They had a party with cake and even at the read through there was so much excitement and the most applause I ever heard at a read through. Everybody was definitely excited and excited that Shane wrote it.  It really does come from the top down because he is such a great creator and leader of his people and makes everybody feel appreciated and part of a family.

What’s it like working on the NCISLA set?

It’s definitely more of a family atmosphere.  People are not running to their trailer between takes or opening a book or their iPad.  They talk…. they joke.  Chris and LL are constantly cutting on one another and having a good time.  Those two get a kick out of rousing one another and it’s just a really loving, fun atmosphere.  They make everyone feel welcome.  It’s the type of thing that makes you want to be in the industry and a part of it.

@Jacqueline Nivens

@Jacqueline Nivens

Can you talk a little about what your character will be doing in his return and do you have any stories you can share?

I’m a liaison getting to the crime scene which is usually the case, prior to the NCIS crew and so I’m briefing them prior to what’s going on before them going in the crime scene. Sometimes, there are more personal things going on like in a past episode Deeks and I have a history and I’m telling him it’s not a good idea and he threatens me because he apparently saw me messing around with the chief’s daughter.  So he kind of blackmailed me into having access.  So sometimes it’s more involved and sometimes it’s letting them know what took place, informational wise.

This time I’m in the scene working with Miguel and Todd but I have heard rumors they want to delve into Deeks’ past with the LAPD and there may be stuff coming up that involves me with that.  I think it would be a good avenue to explore in regards to his past and find out how he came to this point today.

We don’t get to talk much about Miguel Ferrer, what was it like working with him?  I hear he is a very sweet guy.

He is so sweet and we talked forever.  I know his cousin George Clooney too.  He use to visit Cincinnati all the time and I’m from there.  He use to spend a lot of his childhood in Cincinnati and still has relatives there.

We also have memories of Coney Island and of the amusement park and going to the racetrack and we talked forever about it.  He was a joy to work with, a very nice, pleasant person.

I was standing there with Miguel, Todd and Chris, getting ready to do a scene and Chris walks up to Miguel and says, “Please just don’t look me in the eye.”  And I said to Chris, “What about me?”  And he said, “You just can’t talk to me!”  He was playing the super star, who demands only green M&Ms….he was playing the diva with all of us so it was kind  of funny.

I spent time with Chris and Todd, Eric, Daniela and Renee and all of them socially.  They are all so easy to get along with because I have hung out with them socially on more than one occasion and they are just terrific and love to joke around like that and they are fun, good people who help create a great atmosphere, who Shane, from the top down creates as well.  Chis and Todd are so present with you they are so engaged with you.  I told one of the crew members that you need to appreciate this because this is one of the best atmospheres you may ever have on a television show. Chris and Todd, who are the number one and two people on the set are just such good, genuine people to work with in the business.

What was it like working with the director, Tony Warmby?

Tony is very warm, easygoing.  He’s very precise with his direction.  Nothing was abstract and I could tell exactly what he wanted.  He would give you direction in a very personal manner which makes you feel special and a part of it all and he knows what he wants.  He’s talented and has been around the block.  He’s a pro and things just go so quickly because he knows what he wants and he gets it right away.

Tell us about Blood Moon? Is it still being shown at festivals?

Yes, I’ll probably continue making the round of festivals for the remainder of this year.  It’s a very dark film about this normal guy and his transformation.  His wife and son have been abducted by a serial killer and he is frustrated with the police and he decides to start looking for the killer himself.  He comes across other serial killers and starts to kill them the same way he is killing their victims.  So it’s all about his transformation and can you turn the good guy into the bad guy and do circumstances cause that?  It’s a 30 minute film and Linda Hunt narrates in the beginning of the film.  I’d also like to do a feature version from the short.

What’s up next for you?

I just did a film a few months ago that I can’t talk about yet.  But I’m auditioning and getting ready to go back into the studio and do some painting.  I’m looking into do a show.  I visited some galleries in  Los Angeles, Chicago and I’m looking in New York.  Probably early next year, February or March.

A big thank you goes out to Matthew for joining us to talk about his time on set.  We had a fun talk and really look forward to his return on the 100th episode again as Dan Evans!

You can find out more about Matthew by visiting his web site:, or IMDB page.  He’s also on Twitter: @MatthewGodbey


Exclusive Interview

Interview with Patti Yasutake by @Phillydi

Patti Y

Patti Yasutake and Jonathan Frakes go way back or should we say far into the future?  This week the two former colleagues reunited when Patti guest starred on Impact, the latest episode of NCIS Los Angeles, which was also directed by Frakes.  Yasutake and Frakes once worked together on the long running series, Star Trek the Next Generation where she played Nurse Alyssa Ogawa.  This time Frakes was behind the camera and we had a chance to talk to Patti about her experience on the NCISLA set and working again with Frakes.  Patti has had a long career in television and film which includes her work on The Closer, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy T.J. Hooker and Star Trek.    Patti has recently come full circle upon returning to the stage after a long hiatus. Let’s find out more about her career and the time she spent on set.  Welcome Patti Yasutake to the NCISLAfamilia!


You have been quite busy throughout your career working in both film and television.  What pulled you towards the performing arts and how did you get started in the business?

I have always felt profoundly connected to the performing arts, because they can reveal, illuminate and most uniquely share our humanity like nothing else can.  As both a woman and person of color, I felt limitations, so the need to express was all the greater.  I was a bit of a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ and didn’t seem to have a passion for one particular thing.   But I found the performing arts invited using everything you could possibly bring to the creative process, and so that process became the passion.  I had graduated UCLA Theater Arts with honors, but didn’t see a professional future.  I ended up working on the business side of entertainment for major managers and producers.  I missed theater, so I returned to it at night with East West Players, the premiere Asian American theater and now longest running professional theater of color.  I quit my day job and for 6 years worked with them, doing everything from acting in over a dozen shows to doing staff, crew and Board work. All the opportunities they provided to gain experience and network helped me obtain my professional footing.  I earned my union cards through them, which led to working for top regional theaters, and in film and television.

You are best known for your role on Star Trek TNG as Nurse Ogawa. (Always a reassuring presence in sickbay!)   What are some of your memories working on that series?  

Feeling humbled by spandex! Not so much the padded bras, but definitely the spandex.  When they realized I was coming back often enough to warrant a personal uniform – zipper in the back, not in front anymore – I got such a custom fit, I almost passed out the first day I worked in it.  I also remember it became my own curiosity to see how many other places besides sick bay my character would appear. I never got transported, but maybe I would’ve ended up the one who didn’t come back, so perhaps just as well.  I’ll always remember my first day working on that show – when I entered the soundstage, even though I first saw all the sets from behind, it was still wondrous and exciting to walk around to the front of them and realize I was on the Enterprise.

Can you tell us a little bit about your character on NCISLA? Which members of the cast do you work with on screen?

I play Chief Howard of the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board), who’s in charge of the crash investigation.  My main scene was with Callen, who’s conducting their investigation. Chris O’Donnell was so nice, and I appreciated how he looks to enhance each moment creatively.

What was your experience like on the NCISLA set?  Can you share any fun stories about your time on set?

It was fun, and I enjoyed it. Everyone from cast to crew was warm and supportive.  On such a pleasant set, it was easier to ignore things like how hot it was.  It was amusing that some of the crew were surprised to see me cast in the role, because their expectation of “Chief Howard” was a tall, older Caucasian male.  I love when casting sees and reflects how diverse people really are, especially when they inspire and challenge what is possible.

What was it like reuniting with Jonathan Frakes as director?  What is his directing style like?

I LOVE working with Jonathan Frakes! Pretty full circle, since the first scene I shot for Star Trek TNG I was acting with him, and the last TNG scene I shot was directed by him.  It had been years since I saw him, but at the audition he gave me a big wonderful bear hug!  He epitomizes the everlasting TNG family feeling. I always enjoy seeing something he’s directed because in his storytelling he mines the personal connections between characters, especially with humor. And there always seems to be an energetic rhythm in his work, which seems to reflect his calm efficiency and focus coupled with his playful enthusiasm and creativity, which is wonderfully infectious.

What’s up next for Patti Yasutake?  Tell us about your next project?

After many years, I returned to the stage.  I’m in the last 2 weeks of an Asian American version of “Steel Magnolias” at East West Players in Downtown Los Angeles.  I’m playing “M’Lynn”, whom Sally Field portrayed in the film.  The play has a very different feeling than the film, because it all takes place in the beauty shop. The audience is like a fly on the wall to the sanctuary of the shop, where the women can be their most raucous and personal selves.  In fact, our most vocal responses have been from the men enjoying being privy to that world.  What most people don’t know is that there are a great many Asian Americans living in the South, so this version is grounded in the truths of that experience. It’s another full circle event for me, given that I started my career at East West Players.  The company’s big goal back then was to have a professional union house, and now I’m playing it.  It’s been a joy to be back in the theater exercising the full range of comedy to drama, which this play wonderfully provides. It brings me back to what I love about the performing arts – sharing our most heart-felt humanity

Many thanks go out to Patti for taking the time to drop by NCISLA Magazine and answering a few of our questions.  You can find out more about Patti by going to her IMDB page.

Exclusive Interview

Interview with Daniel Gonzalez

Interview with Daniel Gonzalez for NCISLA Magazine

by Diane (@Phillydi)

DannyDaniel Gonzalez loves being a firefighter but this real life hero now wants to get back to the profession that he fell in love with when he was still a young boy.  Being a paramedic and firefighter for the city of Los Angeles can be a rewarding job and never a dull moment according to Gonzalez.  Although it’s an interesting and fun job, it can also be very scary at times and very physically demanding.  Having gotten the bug as a child actor, Danny decided to return to acting in the past two years, and loves getting to play different characters for a living now.  While continuing his day job as a firefighter and paramedic, he has landed guest star roles in popular shows like Castle, Touch, Parenthood and now NCIS Los Angeles.  We invited Danny to talk to NCISLA Magazine about his return to acting and what it was like to work on the set of NCIS Los Angeles.  Welcome Danny to the NCISLA Familia!

When did you develop the desire to become an actor?  Your brother is also a performer…is it in the family genes?

I started acting when I was ten years old.  I did a bunch of projects when I was a kid.  I joined a theatre troop called The Santa Monica Playhouse.  Through that I was introduced to an agent and started working in a few television shows and made for television movies.  Then I got into high school and it was decision time at that point because I played baseball and football and I had to decide if I become a normal high school kid that plays sports or do I continue on with acting and go on auditions afterschool.  So I decided to become a normal high school kid and stop pursuing acting.  My father is a fire fighter here in LA so when I got out of school I decided to go down that route to be a fire fighter.  It wasn’t until a year and half ago, after being a firefighter for 10 years that I would decide to try acting again.

My brother is kind of going the same route with the fire department, he’s a paramedic as well.  We’ve always known him as a funny guy but he’s actually an introvert. About the same time I decided to go back into acting, he kind of blindsided us and said he was going to try an open mike for standup comedy.  I have a younger brother too and we have always been full blown hams and it kind of manifested itself with me and acting and Ben with his standup comedy.

So far you have done television and theater….what’s your experience been so far?

Theater, television and film all have their good and bad points.  I really enjoy the energy of being in front of an audience and I did that a lot when I was a kid.  But with my job at the fire department and having to go to rehearsals, theater is out of the picture right now for me but I enjoy it.  With television I have had small co-star parts and a few lines and it’s nice to be able to come on a show where there is already camaraderie with the staff and the actors and get to meet so many interesting people.  I haven’t done much film, only one 7-8 years ago called Body Shots; I had a small part in that.  I like the idea of having a project to work on for a couple of months and then moving on to something new.  I definitely want to get into film but I like television as well.  It’s a lot of fun.

You attended your first table read for your guest star role on NCISLA.  Can you tell me what that was like?

I never really know what to expect with that since I never done one before.  It was actually kind of funny because our scene we actually did before the table read.  We started to shoot the scene early in the morning and then the table read was after lunch.  I didn’t get the full effect because I had read the script at home but it was a totally different experience with the actors there reading each part around the table.  It was a cool experience.  Everyone was there, from the people who had smaller parts like mine to LL Cool J!  I can see how going through the script can be very beneficial like that especially for someone who is on the show regularly to see how the whole thing plays out.  It was a great experience for me and I always enjoy learning more about the business and with each job I do I learn a little bit more.



The pictures you posted on Twitter showed that you were having a great time with the cast!  Who did you work with and what was that experience like?

My direct interaction in the scene was with Eric and Daniela.  The way the scene plays out, Miguel Ferrer is also in the scene along with LL Cool J but my character was working with Deeks and Kensi.  They were all great.  You can tell that everyone on that set are good friends.  Some sets you get on and there is a certain amount of tension on the set or one of the actors is known as a diva.  But here everyone was just welcoming and talkative and warm.  Eric and Daniela were really nice and talkative.  When I met Daniela I walked up to her and said “Hey I’m Danny” and she said “Whoa, I’m Dani too!”  It was a really light, fun time with them.

It seems art was imitating life since you played a paramedic on the show and you are also one in real life!  That must have been fun!?

It’s kind of funny because this may be the first paramedic role I’ve gone out on and you would think my being a paramedic would be a benefit but in reality the way I would do stuff on scene for the fire department, especially somebody who had been tortured like Deeks is a lot different than how a writer writes it for the show and how it plays out on television.  So what I would normally do might not play well on screen.  The order of things is different and how I would treat a patient is different.  So they asked me a few times what would you do if you actually had a patient like  this, and the director told me this is not really going to work.  It was nice because I’m really comfortable taking a blood pressure cuff on and off and those kinds of things come natural for me but the scenes are definitely Hollywoodized for sure.




How about some fun stories you can share either on or off the set regarding your experience working with this cast and crew?

Hanging around with them was great and anyone I stopped and chatted with like the director or assistant director were all nice.  I’m kind of new to the business and it’s still exciting for me to meet all these actors.  So I walk a fine line between being a fan and colleague when I’m on set now.  I want to act like I’ve been there before.  But I want to squeeze in a picture. I am a LL Cool J fan and wanted to get a picture with him.  I’m also a huge fan of Miguel Ferrer too.  I think he’s a wonderful actor.  In between takes Eric (Olsen) was sitting in the chair where he was being tortured and Daniela is squatting down in front of him in our scene so I asked if I could take a picture with them and instead of having them pose I kind of laid down on the floor  between them both and held my phone up to take the picture and we were giggling about that.  With LL he had a very dramatic scene and he did an amazing job and I was trying to figure out a way to go up to him and ask for a picture without pulling him away.  So I kind of meandered over and he happens to catch my eye and I asked for a picture and he was super cool.  I told him what a fan I am and he really appreciated that.  Miguel is so talkative and so friendly with everybody and when we wrapped our scene I caught him walking off to his trailer and I called out: “Mr. Ferrer?”  and he said “My name is Miguel, call me Miguel.”  He was great and I got my shot.  Everybody was super nice.  It was really a good vibe on that set.

What projects are up next for Daniel Gonzalez?

Every day I go out on auditions and I had an audition today for a new HBO show (ed. update: Danny was booked as a guest star on the Sarah Silverman HBO Special, Sleepy Hollow and a role on Intelligence as of this posting!  He also has a recurring role on the Bold and the Beautiful.).   I would say I go out at least 2-3 times a week for different auditions.  For every one part you get there are at least 30 auditions, which is the way Hollywood is.  Or you go out on an audition and they call you back and the next day you read for the producers.  On NCISLA they called me back a few days later to tell me I had the part.  But when you don’t get the part you don’t get called back at all.  You just move on to the next one.  But I feel like now things will get rolling again and it’s going to be a good year!

Thanks go out to Danny and we wish him a lot of luck as he pursues his acting career and future projects.  We look forward to seeing Danny on the small and large screen soon!  You can follow Danny on his Twitter account @dannygonzo34.

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