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Out of the Past (4X05) Review by Phillydi


Out of the Past @cbs


Out of the Past (4 X 05)

Written by: Frank Military

Directed by:  Dennis Smith

Hello NCISLA Familia!  Wasn’t too sure I was going to be here this week after surviving a one-two punch from Hurricane Sandy but I am happy to report all is well for my family and friends.  Thanks so much for your support and concern during the last two days.  Gratefully, we have a new episode to take our minds off natural disasters and if you are a Sam Hanna fan… Frank Military has written a beaut!  The first part introduces us to an old friend of Sam’s from the CIA who comes to the agent for help.  Unfortunately, Sam finds him dead from an apparent suicide.  The team joins their friend in the search for his killer and at first the only clue left behind is a poodle by the name of Chaucer.  Sam sends Kensi and Deeks off to find out more about the dog which leads to many of the lighter moments in the show.  But more on that later.

We find out from a CIA love interest that that Sam’s former colleague was working on a special project that went back to the cold war.  The Sinclair project was established to find Russian sleeper agents with nuclear weapons and disarm the bombs.  Turner discovered the project was more than just an urban legend but was soon discredited by the feds.  He sends a unique but simple cypher code out to Sam (via his stomach contents!).  The team has to find the key but with no electronic records, Eric is like a fish out of water.

Ok, back to the dog.   To Deeks dismay, Hetty sends him undercover with Chaucer.  (I think Deeks knows Chaucer is way above his station.  Give him good ol’ Monty any day!)  Along with Kensi, the threesome is on the lookout for another contestant at a dog show that may have had dealings with Turner.  (I’m not sure Kensi knows what to make of her partner’s new found dog whispering techniques though.)    Under interrogation, Pierce tells them Turner has been stalking him.  Callen and Sam determine its Pierce’s parents that could be the Russian sleeper agents Turner was searching for.  With fifty rounds fired during the shootout, it looks like we got our suspects!

The Russians were on to Turner which according to Hetty can only mean the Sinclair project must be real and there are more agents out there waiting to set off the hidden nuclear bombs.  Sam was Turner’s failsafe all along and he knew Sam would take him seriously.  I love the way Sam figures out how to see through Turner’s eyes.  You could almost see the wheels turning in his head.  With a little help from Eric, the team has figured out who the sleeper agents are but can they get to them before the arms dealer does?!

Show Highlights:

  • We get to see a member of the team open up the show which is definitely a highlight.  Anybody remember the last time that happened?
  • Looks like there is trouble in paradise with Nell and Eric.  Eric is trying his best but Nell is just not taking the bait.
  • Deeks talking pig Latin to Kensi in front of Chaucer was hysterical.
  • Hetty and Nell out drinking together?  Now wouldn’t you want to be a fly on that wall?

Best Lines from the Show:

Eric:  It’s because of stuff like that I don’t leave ops.

Callen:  Spider man will protect you.

Sam:  Those pajamas come with feet?

Eric:  I cut the feet off.  I don’t wear footie pajamas…they don’t come in my size.


Deeks:  Oh, a poodle, no, sorry, I don’t do poodles.  Huge attitude, untrainable.

Kensi:  Actually they are one of the three most intelligent breeds of dogs.

Deeks:  I will have you know that Monty is brilliant and humble.

Kensi: Monty eats sponges.

Deeks:  That’s true.


Deeks:  Poodles are the pit bulls of France.

Kensi:  God, my partner’s Dr. Doolittle.


Deeks:  Paid to have sex in Paris?  I should have been born a dog.  I walked into that one didn’t I?


Deeks:  (To Chaucer) If you’re going to walk next to me, no prancing.  I don’t want the Doberman’s laughing at us.

Bromance Moments:

Callen: Come on a spy ring when we were kids, you turn it and the letters line up?  I love that ring.  It was my first piece of spy gear.

Sam:  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited.

Callen:  It’s a cool ring.

Sam:  I know what I’m getting you for Christmas.


Densi Moments:

  • Deeks gets back at Kensi from a previous episode!  Deeks:  She doesn’t understand you?  She’s my partner…welcome to my world!
  • Oh you must really want the bacon!  One grab of Deeks posterior had fanfic writers all over the world in ecstasy.
  • Pierce: A stud doesn’t have to breed with a bitch.  It’s the other way around.  Deeks:  I hope you’re listening to this (to Kensi).  (Tell me you didn’t say that Deeks?!)

I really enjoyed how the team all worked together on this one.  More brain than brawn going on here.  Stay tuned for part two of Out of the Past in two weeks.  What did you enjoy the most about this episode?   What do you think is in store for Sam and the team in their search for the Russian agents?  Leave us your comments.  See you then!