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Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen in TV Guide

tvgm_eco_drNCIS: LA Stars Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah Drop Intel on Deeks and Kensi

It may not be safe to entrust Eric Christian Olsen with spoilers. “I’m off to go get killed,” he says, picking himself up from a shaded picnic table and heading back out into a Southern California winter heat wave. In the parched hills above Santa Clarita, sets for an Afghan army base and village have been constructed, making NCIS: Los Angeles suddenly seem like NCIS: Afghanistan. “This,” he repeats, “is the scene where Deeks dies.”

He’s joshing, of course, since the only fatality for Olsen’s character this season is more along the lines of “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight,” if you can stand an ’80s-­music reference. His Deeks and Daniela Ruah’s Kensi have long provided the implicit romance that complements the bromance of LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell on the smash series. In November, the two finally hooked up, however briefly, shocking fans who expected an endless variation on the unconsummated flirtation common to coworkers on TV procedurals. But no sooner had the pairing known to shippers as Densi become an actual thing than Kensi was sent to Afghanistan, where, in the upcoming episode I’m observing, her partner and putative beau has come looking for her.

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Daniela Ruah back on NCIS Los Angeles Set



According to her own instagram post on Sunday evening at around 10pm PST Daniela Ruah will be back on the set of her show “NCIS Los Angeles” on Tuesday.

T minus 48hrs for my first day back… #bittersweet.

We’re looking forward to having her back on set and getting to see more of Kensi after her return.

[NOTE: Daniela Ruah took a break from filming “NCIS Los Angeles” end of 2013 due to her real life pregnancy. Her son River Isaac was born December, 30th.]

Daniela Ruah Welcomes Son River Isaac



There’s a new little guy on the set of NCIS: Los Angeles!

Daniela Ruah and fiancé David Olsen welcomed their first child, son River Isaac Ruah Olsen, on Monday, Dec. 30, the actress confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“He’s healthy and strong, which is all we could ask for,” Ruah, 30, tells PEOPLE. “We are so happy, so thankful and feel so blessed to have brought him into the world.”

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Daniela Ruah Welcomes Baby Boy !!

According to the Portuguese website CARAS Daniela Ruah and David Paul Olsen welcomed a baby boy on December 30, 2013.

News about the first child of the actress Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye on NCIS Los Angeles) and her fiancée David Paul Olsen (Stuntdouble of Eric Christian Olsen on NCIS Los Angeles) were confirmed by Daniela’s Portuguese Agency “Naughty Boys” in their statement:

To the fans and followers from all corners of the world, the actress is very grateful for all the loving support she´s been receiving these last few months of her pregnancy. She would now like to cherish this special moment in private with her family.

As NCISLA Magazine reported before Daniela’s character on the CBS hit drama NCIS Los Angeles will NOT leave the show but is send on assignment for a while to cover the actresses downtime. The scenes were filmed beforehand and are now cut in newly filmed episodes.

NCIS Los Angeles is set to return from their winter break on January 14th with the episode “Allegiance” with a murder of a federal agent in Los Angeles tied to Hawala, an ancient system of money transfer, which has the NCIS:LA team working in two different countries to solve the case.

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Daniela Ruah Fan Project – Part II



In the first part of this project, fans were asked to send congratulations messages along with some words of wisdom and/or a photo/collage with the saying “It´s a Boy!” for a Personalized Baby Book.
You can still send in your message/photo to our email at: (deadline ends November 15th)

And here´s the SECOND and final part of the surprise: we decided to get together a Gift Basket of useful and fun gifts for the newborn to wear.

The Gift Basket Set will be composed of:
– a piece of baby clothing by the Portuguese Brand Laranjinha;
– a personalized piece of baby clothing by Sporting (we would like to thank our reader Dora for having reminded us that Daniela is a fan of Sporting – this was a perfect idea!);
– a baby blanket with teddy bear + “Portugal Selecção Nacional” mini-scarf by Loja da Criança.

As you can imagine, this will be a very expensive gift. And, even though the website is more than willing to take on the financial effort necessary to collect each component of the gift basket, we could really use some help.

That said, DanielaRuahFans has partnered up with NCIS LA Magazine to do a little fundraising in order to help us get all of the above mentioned goodies.

This is how YOU come in:
Along with the gift basket, we are going to send a Congratulations Card to Daniela and David, and to make sure your name is on it all you need to do is send an amount of your choice via Paypal to and add the name to be displayed in the card.

IMPORTANT: DEADLINE for Paypal Contributions: December 15th

Additionally, we will also be donating part of the fundraising proceeds to the charitable organization Project Have Hope, which Daniela sponsors and supports.

Furthermore, you can help by spreading the word about our project on every social media site you can think of.