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NCIS Los Angeles’ Character Wikis

Sans Voir, Part II
Some members of our Facebook Group talked about working on a NCISLA Character Wiki as a summer project so we took the hint and spared no effort 🙂 to install a new plug-in which allows just that

A CHARACTER WIKI for each of our beloved team members =>

Everyone is invited to add every little tid-bit we know about our characters on these pages !!

Please spread the word about this new feature so we soon have a lot of great content on those sites…

Thanks and HAVE FUN !!

Eric Christian Olsen To Start Production Of A Movie 5/21

That’s bad news for the people who wanted to meet him in London… But #WooHoo for getting a movie with him !!

EDIT 5/26: We’re afraid this might not have been correct infos since there were pictures of ECO in Atlanta visiting his wife & son and no further news about a movie… :-/