Eric Christian Olsen Birthday Card



Please join us in wishing Eric Christian Olsen a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! The NCIS Los Angeles Star celebrates his birthday next Sunday, May 31st…

66 thoughts on “Eric Christian Olsen Birthday Card

  1. Gina Callen

    Have an awesome birthday, I hope you get all you wish for and have a great day. 🙂

  2. Alex

    I Hope you have a great birthday Eric Christian Olsen filled with love from your family and friends, joy and happiness and thank you for all your hard work on the show can wait to see you and the whole cast next season HAPPY BIRTHDAY ECO!!

  3. Exposito Michaela

    Happy Birthday Eco Take advantage of it you are day king XOXO Belgium love you

  4. Lizzie

    Happy Birthday Eric,
    Hope you have a great day
    Love hugs and best wishes
    From the UK

  5. Daniela Flach

    I wish you all the best!
    Stay happy&healthy ^^

    I wish I had meet you on Comic Con in London! Hope you will come next year!!

    Lovely greetings from Switzerland

    @DaniDensiDeeks on Twitter

  6. Dora_S_G

    On your special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed today, tomorrow and always! May you have a fantastic birthday … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  7. Nadezhda Miloshevska

    Happy birthday Eric, I wish you a wonderful day filled with happiness and joy.
    Regards from Macedonia.

  8. Jan

    Happy birthday Eric. Wishing you a joyful day, a healthy and happy year filled with the love of family and friends, and the best present for NCISLA fans: a nice juicy Deeks backstory arc for season 7!! We want a Deeks, M episode!

  9. Mélissa Juge

    Happy Birthday from France Eric. Enjoy your day with your beautifull family. You rock in NCISLA ! Thank you !

  10. ceserina

    Happy Birthday ECO aka Deeks:) enjoy your amazing special with friends and family…

  11. Rhonda Lara

    Happy Birthday To A Great Actor!
    From, Washington State
    Yes I Am A Grandmother!

  12. Sandra

    Happy Birthday Eric! I hope it is a good one with people around you love! Best regards from the blue and white skies of Bavaria!!

  13. Jody

    Happy Birthday Eric! Hope you have the best day surrounded by loved ones. Thank you for being the most awesome package of sexy on TV.

  14. BritishEllie

    Happy Birthday Eric!!
    I hope that you have an extra special and amazing day because you deserve all the happy things in life. Thanks for all you have done for us over the past years ☺️
    Love, Ellie

  15. Crystal Xela

    Happy Birthday Eric!! Hope you have a lovely day!! Best wishes from South Africa!

  16. Ilaf Almosaibi

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Papa Bear Aka Deeks.
    Have a really nice Birthday. And enjoy the moment with your family.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. Love you. ❤❤

  17. Graciela

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Or Happy birthday! From Mexico city. I Wish you have a very, very special day

  18. dashdoll4life

    Happy Birthday Eric hope you get everything you wish for this year and your year is filled with love and laughter have a great day from your Irish fans xx 🙂

  19. alazne11

    Happy Birthday ECO. I wish you all the best in your birthday. Enjoy your ride. Big hugs & kisses from Spain.

  20. amyabn

    Happy birthday Eric from Ft. Bragg, NC! Hope your day is spent with people you love and who love you!

  21. Cris

    Happy Birthday Eric!! I love you so much and you’re such a sweet, kind, beautiful human being! You deserve the best day ever and I hope you get it! Love you lots and have an amazing birthday tomorrow!!

    ~Cris <3

  22. Kara

    Happy Birthday Sweetheart, I hope you’ll have a nice day with all of your family and friends and get a lot of presents 😀 Enjoy your day 🙂 Love from Germany

  23. I Feel Possessed

    Wishing you a lovely birthday from England. I hope as Marty Deeks, you keep us entertained for many years to come. I hope you can reschedule your appearance at ComicCon London!

  24. Melanie

    Happy Happy Birthday ECO!!!! 😀
    Hope you have an awesome day with your family and friends!!! =)
    You are the best and my hero forever! =)
    Keep up the awesome work!!! 😀
    Love every single movie/show of you and can’t wait for the next one! 😀
    Wish you all the best!!! =)
    Much Love from Austria
    Mel (DeeksDamonDean) ♥

  25. Helga

    Happy birthday ERIC! Have a nice day with your lovely
    Best wishes from hungary.

  26. Iva

    Happy Birthday Eric! Have a great day (life) filled with love and laughter… and STAY AWESOME!
    Best wishes from Czech republic. 🙂

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