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Bounty (2×08) question 3

This question is more a fun one…


What kind of flavour is “Osama Tea” ??
Click on the image to see the larger version and read it…


Bounty (2×08) question 2

Another thing I keep wondering when re-watching the epsiode is…


Why does Jafar Khan hesitate when he sees Callen?
The two have never met before…

Again… I have my theory but I’m curious about yours !!

Bounty (2×08) question 1

This week’s episode left me thinking about this and that…


The bag filled with money they found in Brandon’s place.
  Who placed it? Why?
It’s never been mentioned again…

I have a theorie but I’m curious what you think about it…

Bounty (2×08) recap

A newly retired Army Major from a elite Delta Force unit that tracked high value targets in the War on Terror is found tortured and murdered. NCIS:LA discovers the victim, Richard Booth, was planning on returning to the Middle East as a bounty hunter to collect millions of dollars in reward money. His son Brandon, who hated his absentee father, is a suspect until two Afghan thugs enter a restaurant and try to kill him while Callen and Sam are questioning him; they shoot the thugs but Brandon disappears.

Meanwhile, Hetty, Deeks, and Kensi question an intelligence informant for the U.S government with diplomatic immunity, Jafar Khan, who has made millions helping Booth’s unit catch high value targets; he also happens to be Booth’s brother-in-law. Jafar tells the team Booth was his partner and he planned to return to Afghanistan after receiving Intel which would yield them ten million dollars. Jafar claimed his loyalty to Booth but the evidence pointed toward Jafar hiring the Afghan thugs to torture Booth and kill him for the high value targets Intel. NCIS is working against the clock knowing they could lose Booth’s killer and the high value target within a matter of hours.

The team’s suspicions are validated when Eric discovers a spectron seal embedded in a picture Booth mailed to his son Brandon. It contained the location of the target and the time the Intel was valid. Callen and Sam, with the help of Booth’s Delta Force unit, go undercover in Afghanistan and catch Jafar using the Intel he received while torturing Booth but Callen informs Jafar he no longer has immunity in Afghanistan and takes him into custody.

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