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Lange, H. (3×01) transcript

[Callen, Sam, Deeks and Kensi are walking in Prague]

Hetty’s voice: Previously in NCIS Los Angeles.

[NCIS office]

VANCE: Hetty has resigned her position.

SAM: Who are you?

HUNTER: Lauren Hunter. Her replacement.

VANCE: Zulu-November.

ERIC: Operation Comescu.

VANCE: You are not longer on this case, Agent Callen. Operation Comescu is all about you.

[Callen resigned; then Sam, Kensi, Deeks…]

VANCE: Find her, Agent Hunter, before they all get killed.


[The “team” rushes into a Comescues house (shouting, gunfire)]

CALLEN: Hetty’s alive.

SAM: Where?

WOMAN [speaking in Czech]: A house on the beach. It’s on a Black Sea. Romania]

[Beach in Romania]

[Callen “sees” the little boy he was getting a toy soldier from a man with a Rom tattoo –right here, in Romania]


HETTY: I have a message for the head of the Comescu family.

ALEXA: I am the head of the Comescu family.

HETTY: Callen died three weeks ago.

ALEXA: And why should I trust you?

HETTY: (speaking Romani): because we are family.

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

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