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The Watchers (3×12) transcript

[Sam and Callen are on duty in the car – Sam is enjoying jazz fusion playing on radio – Obviously Callen is less pleased: he sighs; glances at his buddy, thinks he’s asleep and wants to change the radio program]

SAM: You’re not changing that.

CALLEN: How can you listen to this?

SAM: Why can’t you appreciate a little improvisational jazz?

CALLEN: Why can’t they all learn to play the same song?

SAM: It’s called fusion.

CALLEN: Yeah, confusion.

[Callen’s phone is chirping.]

SAM: That’s the Agent Needs Assistance Alert.

[Callen checks his screen]

CALLEN: It’s Hetty.

[The engine starts at once]

[Kensi is wearing hastily her shoes, grabs her bag – a topless man on a couch observes her incredulously]

MAN: You just gonna run out of here?

KENSI: I’m sorry. I’m on call.

MAN: I thought you said you were a dental hygienist.

KENSI: I am. It’s a dental emergency.

[She steps backwards and hits a lamp]

KENSI: Oh… huh. It’s, it’s just, uh, teeth missing, tons of blood. I will call you.

[The gut waves a goodbye as she opens the door. The door closes, she’s gone]

[Kensi reaches the outside of the building just in time to get into Deeks’car]

KENSI: Is this a legit alert?

DEEKS: Sounds like it.

[She throws he gear on the back seat and hits Deeks’head]


KENSI: Sorry.

DEEKS: You, uh, you missed a button.

[He points at her chest]

KENSI: Oh, well, you heard the guy. He was this close from giving up his partner. I had him eating out of my hand.

DEEKS: How was that?

KENSI: Just drive.

DEEKS: Uh-huh.

[He drives!]

[Sam’s car. Callen is on phone]

CALLEN: What do we know, Eric?

[NCIS office. Eric is downstairs, heading to the OPS]

ERIC: Hetty activated her phone’s distress code. I tried to reach her in case it was a false alarm, but she’s not answering any of her numbers.

[OPS center. Nell is with a guy in front of the main screen]

NELL: I want feeds from every traffic and surveillance cam in a half-mile radius for the past three hours.

GUY: You got it.

[Eric joins her]

NELL: Signal’s coming from the boatshed but someone’s disabled our eyes inside.

ERIC: What about the teleconference camera or her cell phone?

NELL: Teleconference has been unplugged. This is her cell phone.

[A black screen – and only red letters flashing: “AGENT NEEDS ASSISTANCE”]

[They exchange a worried look]

NELL: We’re blind.

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

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