Chris O’Donnell Birthday Card



Taking a break from our break to wish NCISLA’ Chris O’Donnell a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Join us in sending him good wishes for his birthday on June 26th by leaving a comment…

57 thoughts on “Chris O’Donnell Birthday Card

  1. Titepau04

    Happy birthday to my idol!! I wish you a great new year! Enjoy your day and the hiatus!

  2. Doro

    Hey Chris,
    I wish you all the best for your Birthday. Health and luck and most important lots of love.
    Have a really beautiful day with all of your family und friends.
    I love you so so much, I don’t even have enough words for it to describe <3
    Kisses and big hugs from Germany

  3. Sharon Baker

    Happy Birthday Mr O Donnell, hope u have a most amazing day with your family and friends.Such an amazing, talented and wonderful actor and gentleman.
    Love from Sharon in the UK. X

  4. Dora_S_G

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!
    Have a wonderful day surrounded by the ones that you love the most.
    Love from Portugal

  5. Caroline

    Happy birthday Chris! Have a wonderful day with the one’s you love.
    Best wishes from the Netherlands.

  6. Serena Nelson

    Happy Birthday, Chris! Hope you have a wonderful day. May it be a fantastic time making memories. Best of everything and many blessing in the coming year.

  7. Lupe S

    Happy Birthday Chris! My this year be even better then the last and all your wishes come true!

  8. anthony peter carota 3rd

    have a very GOD blessed birthday MR . CHRIS O’DONELL and may GOD give you many more to come

  9. Diane

    The bestest happiest birthday to you Mr. O’Donnell! Have a great day and hope you get to do everything you want! Enjoy!

  10. John Mills

    Wishing you the happiest birthday, Chris. Many blessings as you celebrate with your family and friends.

  11. Wendy M

    Happy Birthday Chris.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday! May it be filled with love and laughter, and shared with friends and family.

  12. Richtsje

    Hi Chris, Wishing you a great & happy birthday with the ones you love & who love you!
    Lokwinske út Fryslân

  13. Tina Taylor

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy with family and friends. Can’t wait for next season NCIS LA.

  14. Anna Johnson

    A very happy birthday to you Chris. I hope that you have a great day and that all of your birthday wishes come true.

  15. Joynella Benn

    happy birthday never get tired of watching NCIS Los Angles please keep doing the show

  16. Daniela Flach

    Love you so much! Stay healthy and happy♡
    Lovely greetings from Switzerland♡

    Daniela Flach ( @DaniDensiDeeks )

  17. Zazara

    Happy Birthday Chris! You are more and more beautiful as you age… and you are the greatest actor really. Enjoy this special day with your family. You are in my heart forever. Kisses from the south of France.

  18. ChrisDaisy

    Happy Birthday Chris! All the best for you on your special day! I
    May your life be always filled with love, laughter, happiness and health!

  19. Sandra

    Hi Chris! All the best to your big day from Austria! Keep being the awesome actor you are, and enjoy the day with the people you love most! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  20. Susan Hodgetts

    Hello, Chris! Have a very happy birthday from a fan in England!
    All the best to you on your special day! xxx

  21. LasiaMsinRed

    Let’s start at the beginning……

    What would my life be like without G.Callen?

    – no great show to watch
    – no ncislafamilia with some very special members who enriched my life in the best way possible
    – no escape for my tortured soul when life decided to kick my ass

    I think that summing it up you might say that G.Callen saved me.
    So, dear COD I couldn’t imagine anyone else portraying this character. Thank for helping me without even knowing it.
    I’m glad to have you in my life, in that really special kind of way.

    May your life be filled with a lot of joy and happiness.
    To the next 45 years!


  22. kathleen

    happy birthday Chris hope your brother makes a magnificent meal for you and your night is filled with some serious chillen

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