Chris O’Donnell On Directing Tonight’s Episode And Dream NCIS Crossover



This Monday on NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 10/9c), the episode title – “SEAL Hunter” – could not be more apt, as Sam is arrested for the murder of a woman, the deck improbably stacked against him. Will Callen & Co. be able to salvage their colleague’s good name? Chris O’Donnell spoke with TVLine about directing this intense episode, which features one of the high-octane series’ most unique fight scenes, as well as shared his thoughts on the NCIS crossover he’d most like to see.

TVLINE | Talk about the set-up for this episode. What’s the main narrative thrust?
Sam has been taken in, accused of murder, which has left the team in disbelief. And as we investigate it, his DNA is all over the crime scene, everything is against him…. Needless to say, it makes it a very personal episode for everyone.

TVLINE | Well, it was good having LL on the show all these years. He had a nice run.
It was nice. I thought he would stay for a little longer, but we got five-and-a-quarter seasons out of him. [Laughs] But no, there is something bigger and more ominous at play, and it ends up with one of the best fight scenes we’ve done thus far on the show, and in an unusual location, which was kind of fun. Todd [aka LL Cool J] just nailed it, which was great.

Read who Callen will be paired with in this episode, the epic fight we get to see and who’s talking ‘crossover’ with our cast on

3 thoughts on “Chris O’Donnell On Directing Tonight’s Episode And Dream NCIS Crossover

  1. Richtsje

    If it were DiNozzo and Gibbs coming by for a crossover, or DiNozzo alone, like we’ve had Gibbs and McGee, or Abby, before, I would like it. Better than the other way around – one of ‘our’ team in the Original or NO teams IMO!

    After reading this interview I’m curious about that fighting scene. Must be an impressive one I think! Also, I think it is quite a challenge to direct ánd be on screen as well. Double fun – Double nerves for COD?!

    1. Jan

      It doesn’t sound to me like there is any crossover in the works, other than the previously announced appearances by Vance. The Dinozzo speculation sounds like just that – speculation and wishful thinking, along the lines of ‘we should meet for lunch sometime’ ‘yeah, let’s do that.’ If there were going to be a crossover, it would be announced in a press release or by one of the showrunners.

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