Congrats to Daniela & David !!

Photo credit © Mário Ribeiro/NotíciasTV -- via @DaniiRuahFans

Photo credit © Mário Ribeiro/NotíciasTV — via @DaniiRuahFans

Please join us in wishing Daniela Ruah and her newly wed husband David Paul Olsen a happy marriage and a long life together in joy and happiness !!

27 thoughts on “Congrats to Daniela & David !!

  1. 974lk

    All my best wishes for David and you, for one of the most beautiful days and the most unforgettable moments of your life!I wish you to have love and happiness every second of your couple life.Love from Reunion Island. Karine

  2. Jeannie

    Congratulations Dani & David! I wish you (and River) a lifetime of love and laughter!

  3. Talya

    Congratulations Dani and David! May you have many many years of wedded bliss in health, wealth and fruitfulness!

  4. mistri

    Mazel tov to Daniela and David. May they have a lifetime of love, good health, happiness and fortune.

  5. Tara

    Congrats to Daniela & David. May you two have a long and happy life together w/ River, and who knows maybe more children along the way.

  6. Lisagallagher

    Congrats to Daniela and David .
    I hope u all the happiness from
    Lisa-Marie Gallagher from Manchester ,England UK

  7. densidream

    Herzlichste Glückwünsche, congratulations and all the best to the both of you!
    You look absolutely beautiful, Daniela! Stunning!

  8. Andrea

    Dear Dani, dear David,
    may there be no day in your future life without trust, understanding, love and a smile each day!!!!!

  9. tati

    Congrats Dani and David. I hope there won’t be a season-six episode without Kensi like it was in S4 when Deeks was absent in an episode.

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