Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen on Queen Latifah Show (Clip 2/4)

…Talk About Stealing Lines on the Show

QL: You guys are really funny, going back and forth, taking jabs at each other. Do you go on each others nerves?
Dani: [surpresses a moan]
Eric: NO! [beat] Wait? Do we?
Dani: What? Noooo…
Eric: Yeah, we have this thing on the show a lot of the times they write the last line of a scene on NCIS and then it ends with like [imitates camera clicking] and that’s the end of the scene so it goes out with this nice black and white photo. And so what happens is that they write one for her, like she’ll have the last line, and then I’ll always improve something afterwards.
Dani: And it drives me nuts! Because – I’m vain. I like to have that last moment on camera, you know the last thing people see before you go into commercial or something. It’s always a positive thing I think a lot of people… you know what I’m talking about. HE obviously knows what I’m talking about.
Eric: There was one that actually aired last week and she had the last line… you remember what it was.
Dani: Yeah, it was somehting along the lines of… there stole five tubes of explosives and they only used one.
Eric: Let’s do our characters. I’ll squint.
Dani: And clinch. I’ll just eat like a pig. That’s what Kensi does.
Eric: Evidently. Keep going.
Dani: So I say… they’ve stole five tubes of explosives they’ve only used one. What are they gonna use on the other four?
Eric: And that’s the end of the scene. Except for I go: That’s a damn good question. And that it goes to me and it goes che-ching, che-ching, che-ching…. and you see me smiling like this and she goes – NAAAHH !!
Dani: The thing he says like after I… cos I’m suppossed to say it like ‘What are they gonna use the other four on?’ and then I walk away. And he goes ‘That’s a damn good question.’ Right in the camera. And I’m off camera going [insert fight gestures] You bastard. Dare you. Let me have the last one.
Eric: And because she reacts like that *of couse* I continue to do it.
Dani: There was another one. There was one line in the scene. We stopped the bad guy. We had out guns turned on him and then I’ll say ‘Federal Agents. Hands where we can see them.’ He takes a beat and goes ‘You heard the lady.’