Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen on Queen Latifah Show (Clip 1/4)

… talk about the finale of “NCIS: Los Angeles” airing tonight.

QL: Finale tonight. Will the fans get what they are hoping for ?
Dani: Ehm… you know what? The finale is actually…
Eric: YES!
Dani: Two of our favorite characters which could end their lives. Which actually turns to be a suicide mission.
Eric: You always talk about yourself in third person?
Dani: I’m trying not to say – too much.
QL: Do you ever like… take hand to him? Because I have a slap button…
Eric: Glad you have that. Now time that out. ready? Ah… ah…
QL: Speed it up. Speed rounds.

NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Finale “Deep Trouble” will air Tuesday 5/13 at 9pm on CBS.