Daniela Ruah Pregnant With A Boy

After the news came out this week that Daniela’ Ruah is officially engaged to NCISLA Co-Star Eric Christian Olsen’s brother David Paul Olsen and they are going to marry next year in Portugal.

Today more news leaked when Daniela told in an interview for the Portuguese TV Show “Alta Definição” that she’s pregnant with a boy…

Edit: The baby is due short after Christmas and will be born in the US.

Watch the two video of the interview WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES here: >> Part I >> Part II

Join us in wishing Daniela & David all the best for her growing little family and share your thoughts about what’s going to happen to Kensi… GO !!

24 thoughts on “Daniela Ruah Pregnant With A Boy

  1. danyelle

    Congrats and love to Daniela and David! You will be wonderful parents and your little boy will grow up with his best buddy Wyatt

    Now the teases of deeks and kensi being split up make so much sense as Daniela will have some maternity leave

  2. AlyML

    I think the best is put Kensi in a undercover mission pregnant (or not, but there is a photo on set of DR with a big baby bump), while she have maternity leave. As Deeks was in first season, while ECO shot the movie. “Someone will leave the team”, not the show… In my opinion, a real baby on show was weird, in that point of the story.

    I don’t know, but I’m exciting to see! =D And I wish them all the best in the world (:(:

  3. bridgette

    When I first heard thisI tthought it was a joke! Eric’s brother?! Plus she had absolutely no belly in the pictures from the 100th ep. You’d think if she already knew it was aboy she’d be showing already!

    1. Jess

      I’m not expert, Bridgette, but I don’t think a pregnancy starts to show until into the second “trimester,” as it’s called. Someone who has actually HAD a baby may know the particulars better 😉

  4. Jan

    Congratulations and best wishes to Daniela and David. I’m sure that their son and little Wyatt Oliver will be very close, and have lots of play dates!

    I had noticed that in most of the recent pictures of DR, she was standing behind someone or something, or the pics were from the shoulders up. This news certainly explains it!

    I do hope they don’t write DR’s pregnancy into the show. Send Kensi off on an undercover mission or something. It’s way too soon for a Densi baby, and if the baby turned out to be Jack’s, that would just break Deeks’ heart. I don’t think he could take it (I’m not sure I could either).

  5. Evi

    Congatulations to both of them!!!!

    I can’t possibly guess how the writers are going to handle this pregnancy but I am sure for one thing! As Jan said I certainly wouldn’t want the baby to be Jack’s.

    Somehow though I doubt they will get Kensi pregnant. It is way too soon for her and Deeks to go down that road. If and when it happens, I want both of them to be ready and excited by the experience.

  6. mistri

    Wow! How terrific. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy. To the person asking about when the baby begins to show, it depends on the person and the pregnancy. Very often one may not seriously show until the sixth month with one child, and with another look like she’s ready to burst in the fourth month. In other words, it’s always different and you can’t predict. Mazel tov to Daniela and David.

  7. trytofindme

    Congratulations to the mum-to-be Daniela and her fiancé, David.
    Baby and child heaven is on the set of NCISLA. The agents of the team will be able to give heaps of advice; Chris has five, LL Cool J has four, Eric has one (with more to come). Aunt Dani can get in plenty of practice before hand.
    This explains some of the hints and maybe the fact that we are getting 10 episodes without a break. And I am guessing that the wardrobe and set people are going to be having a workout to hide the pregnancy using props and clothing prior to maternity leave.
    A lot of people don’t announce details of being pregnant to outsiders till they are over three months pregnant, the fact that she can tell us the sex confirms that. And as this is a physical job that they do I would expect that maternity would start sooner rather than later (sitting behind a desk on a computer). And as for the pregnancy showing, it really does depend on the person, some show relatively quickly others don’t, maybe she was starting to show so decided to announce it rather than have speculation on it.

  8. Carrie

    Each pregnancy is different… you need to be somewhere around 18-22 weeks before the mid-term ultrasound before they can honestly tell you what you are expecting. You are able to find out earlier, but that usually involves amniocentesis etc… Being that she is so thin she would probably show earlier than a person who has more weight on them. 20 weeks is about 5 months into the pregnancy as well. JP saying someone was leaving the team make complete sense now. I can see Jack coming back or her going undercover etc. But for the time being we just wouldn’t see her belly…she would be strategically placed. I could see Nell going out as part of the team more often. Her and Deeks training?

    I do hope they don’t write the pregnancy in to the show. Its too early and it isn’t that kind of show.


    1. mistri

      I don’t think they’ll write the pregnancy into the show either, but if they did, and made it Deeks’ baby, wouldn’t that send Densi fans into the stratosphere? It seems like half of the Densi fan fictions have Kensi either pregnant or already a mother.

      Personally I think the pregnancy is great. As stated earlier it gives new meaning to NCISLAFamilia. 🙂

  9. Alwindy

    Congratulations to the glowing Dani and her gorgeous fiance David + the whole entire family.

    I dunno how it will be played out but NCIS LA have such awesome writers Im okay to leave it completely in their hands 😛

    So happy for the lovely couple!

  10. Beckie

    While I would love it to be a densi baby I agree that it is too early, maybe in a year or twos time – next baby?. Wasn’t there a spoiler about hetty making a decision which shocks deeks? Hetty probably sends kensi away on a long term op somewhere.

    While it would be good for nell to get out into the field I think deeks will need another partner a bit more permamently. It would be interesting to see how they play that – not get on because she is not kensi? Then maybe callen could get to play couple undercover as it would be weird seeing deeks with someone who isn’t kensi. Give some other characters something a bit different to do to.

  11. sindee Post author

    I think I remember reading that the baby is due around Christmas… will have a look if I find it and add it to the post… CU sindee

  12. busymommy

    Big Congratulations to Daniela and David! How exciting for them – and baby boys are just the best (I might be biased as I have 2 of my own). 🙂

    As for how this might impact the show, I can see how they could write it in this season. The crew have already given many clues: “Keeks moves on into uncharted territory”; “partners forever”; “Kensi and Deeks are going to be taken down a very hard road”; “Kensi begins to change her ways with Deeks.”

    Shane Brennan has given clues in his interviews: (about the premiere episode) “The interesting thing is we pick it up straight away but we end the episode some time later. It is not a few days later. It is weeks and weeks and weeks later.” He also said, “Their (Kensi and Deeks’s) relationship goes to a new level, to a place that a lot of these shows don’t go.” “Kensi and Deeks will be split up as partners midseason. And when I say split up, they will really be split up. And when you think we can’t or won’t do anything else, we have got in the back end of the season, a big fat juicy complication in their lives.”

    Putting all this together, it’s plausible that they could write a Densi pregnancy into the storyline: something could happen off-screen in the weeks and weeks jump in timeline; partners could be split up due to a pregnancy on the job; parenting would be new territory to these 2 plus it’s not an area a lot of procedural shows go to; they would still be partners just in a different sense; hard road of figuring out their own relationship, complicated by new baby coming, Kensi coming to terms with being off the team or out of the field; she would have to change her ways with Deeks to make at least a parenting relationship feasible.

    If they do write Dani’s pregnancy into Kensi’s storyline, I don’t see it being a mushy lovey-dovey romantic story between our two fav characters. I see it more of an unexpected thing and how they deal with it along with everything else is the ripples throughout the rest of the season. Of course I could be totally wrong, but anything’s possible!

  13. Ncisla_charlie

    If ou think about it , they can use baggy tops and things to cover it up on set but she won’t be able to do any fight Secenes or anything and he wont be able to work the long hours because she will need her sleep! But if she can already tell us the sex of the baby then if they write Kensi going under cover for a while , she should be able to come back in season 6. But she is already in at least half of season 5 and hopefully it will only be a fue episodes she is not in .

    But I wish all the bed to Daniela and David they will make an amazing mommy and daddy. I’m sure wyatt and there little bundle of joy will become best friends.

  14. Tara

    Congrats again to Daniela and David! And so cool that Wyatt will have a little playmate that will be close to him in age.

  15. Viviane

    Congratulations to Daniela & David!
    I wish them love and happiness.

    The show won’t be the same without Kensi beside Deeks… But I also think that it is too early for a Densi baby.

    I am delighted to discover this new season! Unfortunately, for Swiss fans, we will have to wait a little bit longer. 🙁

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