7 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks Developments – Impact (5×2)

  1. Gayle

    Diane – Loved that you included some PTSD facts! We need an educated fandom!

    Also, Kensi’s “Watch it with me, Watch it with me, Watch it with me” reminded me of Deeks’ “What’s in the Box?!” 😉

  2. Evi

    Great job Diane! As much as it broke my heart seeing Deeks in this state, I was impressed by ECO’s dedication to the part and by the writer’s comitment. I think we all know that the storm is far from over. A part of me believes that they are just making us happy now, cause they know they will rip our hearts out in the future.

    I agree with Gayle. The scene did remind me of the box. BTW, it is becoming clearer now that Kensi is deep down inside a lot like Deeks. He is not the only one who uses humor to defuse tension. She does the exact same thing during the last scene and the fact that she talks uncontrollably about the movie makes it even more evident!

    Loved the stats you used about PTSD. Keep it up girl!

  3. Diane

    Thanks guys…I did so much research I felt I had to add some of these stats on PTSD which were interesting.

  4. LisaG

    I thought this episode was pretty good…not as good as the premiere, though. I was severely missing Deeks, though his scenes were great…ECO did a fantastic job with this dramatic stuff, as I just knew he would.

    I LOVED his scene with Nate…I hope we get more of that…and I really wish they would delve into his horrific childhood with that SOB father that battered him.

    The part with Kensi was a bit weird…he was suddenly so normal with her, as if nothing had happened and he hadn’t been ignoring her, the job, etc. That played a little strange to me…I think he should have been more reserved. I do love that he finally was able to fall asleep with Kensi next to him…clearly, he trusts her, feels safe with her enough to finally let some of the demons go…it was very sweet.

    I still feel the “apology” from Sam to Deeks in the premiere ep was a throw away. For 3 years(!) Sam, Callen and Kensi have been belittling Deeks’ abilities, professionalism, etc. and all is supposed to be forgiven with one little “I owe you”? Puh-leeze! The joking with the chattering teeth and faux crooked teeth was inconsiderate, in my opinion. Deeks’ torture was BRUTAL and they should instead be showing compassion and caring, not flippant disregard of what he went through.

  5. Elsa

    What I actually found striking – apart from ECO’s phenomenal acting – were the little hints towards Deeks’ empty chair. You could tell from the way Sam looked at it with a quick, surrepticious glance that he was worried, his concern showed. Those little, tiny details made it believable. I’ve never understood the Sam’s bickering toward Deeks, by the way. They’re all very different and yet working toward the same end goal. But that’s another discussion, for another time.
    But of course all eyes were on the last scene. Aaaahhh… happy sigh… “you won me over with the pastry baby” 🙂 And Deeks finally succumbing to sleep once he knew he was in trusted hands.
    Let’s not forget Eric’s funny big-boy-pants-gymnastics. Whahahaa… And the Hetty Cam will live on to be a classic in this house. (just like the “humble brag” by the way).
    Keep up the good work, ladies!

  6. trytofindme

    LisaG is right – Where is Monty in all this?
    What I would like to see however is for Sam to get a flashback to the pool scene where he is pushed in, possibly even caused by using handcuffs on a suspect making him break down mentally. Deeks who is having the bigger issues having to talk Sam off the edge this leads to a personal break through for Deeks with his own ptsd.

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