Decidedly Deeks: Fanfic Challenge #1 Stories – Part I

Thanks to all the writers who contributed to our first Fanfic Challenge on Decidedly Deeks.
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Scarier than a monster by CALLEN37

He leaned back in his chair, swinging his legs and absentmindedly looking out of the window.

“Today as it is a Friday, and the Halloween party is next week, you are all allowed this afternoon to design your Halloween costumes, the theme for the party is to make your costumes as scary as possible, I want to see them by Wednesday and the scariest one will win a prize.” Mrs. Foster said looking at her class.

As usual there was the eclectic mix of children, the overachievers at the front which were hanging on every word she said. The mid range children who were excited and already starting to chat about the assignment, the ‘hard’ kids those who didn’t really care about what she said and wasn’t paying attention. Then there was him. He was a good kid, he tried hard, but in group activities he tended to close off.

She worried about him, she’d talked to the principal and suggested he call in the parents to find out what was going on with him.

He had sent a note home…he hadn’t been back for a week afterward, when he had come back he’d seemed more withdrawn.

He was a cute kid, six years old, shaggy blond hair and bright inquisitive blue eyes. He loved to solve puzzles, to figure things out, he stood up for the smaller kids against the bigger ones who tended to bully in the playground.

She knew he hung about with some of the poorer kids in school, she knew his family wasn’t as well off as most, hence the idea that they could make their costumes, it should save some money and things easier for those whose parents couldn’t afford to buy ready to wear costumes.

She walked over to him and lent over him, “You need to put all four feet of the chair on the floor to make it work Martin.” She smiled.

“Yes ma’am sorry ma’am.” He replied not meeting her eyes.

“Do you need any help in designing your costume?” she asked.

Martin shook his head, “No Ma’am….I’m coming as the scariest thing I know.” He said he took the paper and wrote his name on the top in a child type scrawl, MARTIN. A. BRANDEL.

He drew a head and two arms. Mrs. Foster sighed at least he was engaging. She knew enough not to send the class letter home which asked for his parents to donate some food or drink or a contribution to the class party, these were always left by his peg on the wall. He never took them home.

The bell rang for the end of the day and Martin shot out of his chair as usual he was the first one out of class. By the time the last child was leaving she looked over to the end of the field to see him as usual scaling the wall at the end to take the shortcut back to his trailer park home. She shook her head reminding herself to try yet again to get him to stop that.

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Pretending by new adventures

“You’re not going?” Kensi asked, a little shocked.

“Nope,” Deeks replied as he stuffed some papers and a laptop into his messenger bag.

“Let me guess. Candy is the number two killer after office chairs. Am I right?” Sam grinned at the shaggy-haired detective next to him.

Deeks shook his head. “Ha, but no. I just don’t see the need to devote an entire evening to dress up.”

“Free drinks? That’s the clincher for me,” Callen remarked.

“See Deeks? Even Callen is in the Halloween spirit.” Kensi looked at her desk mate. “What are you going as, G?”

“I was thinking about a federal agent in tactical gear.”

Kensi shook her head. “That’s cheating.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get G ready. You take care of your partner, ok? We’ll see you two at 10.” Sam and Callen headed out.

Deeks stood at the entrance of the bullpen. “Can you drop me off at my place before you go out? You, uh, you drove today.”

Kensi nodded and they walked out to her car.

“So you really don’t like Halloween? Too scary for the mighty Marty? HA!” She laughed in that frightening way that only Kensi Blye can do, too amused at her own joke.

“It’s not that I don’t like Halloween. I just don’t see the need to don a costume and go out in public,” Deeks replied matter-of-factly.

Kensi couldn’t leave the conversation at that. “Why? It’s just a night of fun.”

Deeks sighed as he looked over at the woman in the driver’s seat. “You really want to know?” At her affirmative head nod, he continued. “Too many years, too many memories.”

“Too many years of what? Of – HEY! Watch where you’re going Batman!” Kensi yelled out the open window. A group of super heroes clumsily wandered across the street in front of Kensi’s SRX. “Looks like Gotham’s finest got an early start.”

They drove in silence for a bit. “You really don’t want to go tonight? Could you at least explain why? I thought partners told each other everything.”

“You never did tell me about your friend and that guy in college…” Deeks brought up.

“Really? Nice change of subject,” she answered. “Please, Deeks?”

“Kensi, what do we do for a living?”

She frowned at him. “Did you forget?”

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Memories by cuttestnik

“The best way to forget bad memories is by making good memories”

“Deeks at least tell me the reason why you don’t want to come,” said Kensi.

Okay, starting from the beginning, it’s Halloween and as we don’t have any case, Hetty has arranged a Halloween party for all of us; which I declined. So here I am, on my couch with my one and only partner, Kensi, trying to convince me to come with her. The problem here is I don’t celebrate Halloween- let’s just say some painful memories are associated with it.

So I answer her by saying, “Kensi, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you later on.”

I really like Kensi’s company and we have already planned to spend our Christmas together, but Halloween is a different story and right now, I just want to sit with Monty on my couch and drink beer and forget everything and for Kensi to go enjoy the party. But when has Kensi Blye ever done what I want?

Kensi answered me with, “No. I want to know the story right now.”

Why didn’t I see that coming?

“Kens, it’s a long story. Aren’t you getting late for the party?” I tell her, trying to change the subject.

Kensi gives me a roll of her eyes and then sighs and says, “I’m not going anywhere without you Deeks. And you know what, I am all ears Deeks.”

I sigh and realize that I am wasting our time and if Kensi wants to know something, she will have it her way and there is no way that she is letting this go. Also, if I tell her then she might understand and may not force me to go to the party. So just to tell her, I look at her, and find her looking at me with those mismatched eyes I love and all I find in them is concern and care for me.

I decided not to waste any more time and I tell her, “There was this one time, I was 11 years old and I wanted to go to my school’s Halloween party. We were poor at that time but I told my mom that I really wanted to go and I begged her to allow me and she did. Not only did she allow me to go but she brought a costume for me. I really don’t know what she did but she got me a superman costume for Halloween.”

I stop after saying this, tears were forming in my eyes and then I continued, “I was so happy Kensi, my mom and I were going to the party and dad…” I stopped again, not knowing what to say and then I continue again, “He was out with his friends and said he would come home late and thus we had decided to go and come back ASAP without him knowing. So my mom and I, we both were ready and I was wearing that superman costume mom brought for me and we were walking towards the door, smiling and before we reach for door, it opened up and he entered.”

To which Kensi softly asks, “Your father right?”

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