Decidedly Deeks: Fanfic Challenge #1

There is nothing more epic than a good challenge for a true NCISLA fan.

For November, we have a scintillating goal for those who can write out their thoughts about
Marty Deeks.


THE CHALLENGE: Write a short fic about Deeks and Halloween. Tell us about his unknown fears, or how he faced his fears, or what it was like when Deeks participated in Halloween in the past.

Here are the RULES:

  1. Yes, we know Kensi is part of this equation, but we want the story focused on Deeks. Sorry, but no overt romance. Mention Kensi, yes, fine, great. But NO making out, gushy mush, or necking. If we judge the fic to have too much “romantic stuff” in it, it will be disqualified from getting mentioned. (Don’t get disqualified! We’re begging you!)
  2. Entries must be posted on with the words “NCISLAMagazine Deeks Challenge” in the description.
  3. No rated M entries allowed.
  4. All entries must be enabled to receive anonymous reviews.




Winning entries will be featured on the Magazine.


Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Fanfic Challenge #1

  1. BH72

    That is some challenge you’ve put forward Keviana. Am curious to see what people write for this challenge. Looking forward to reading them soon.

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