Decidedly Deeks: Season One Banter

decidedly deeks
In today’s Decidedly Deeks we take you back on Memory Lane to the very first season of NCIS Los Angeles. Marty Deeks was introduced in “Hand To Hand” (1×19) and returned in “Fame” (1×20). Only two episodes but he certainly made an impression on the fans… and also our team.

119_01Kensi: (about Deeks) Something about him set off a warning bell.
Callen: Maybe it was his baby blues.
Sam: Or his fluffy hair.

Being a cop meant more to Detective Marty Deeks than anything in the world. It meant he could make a difference in other people’s lives. It wasn’t a dead end job for him. He chose it. And found he was really good at it. He had skills many other cops didn’t have. He was highly naturally skilled in undercover work. He had he brains too. He had passed the bar to practise law in California. But he found being a cop was more rewarding. Also he was gifted with the gab. He could talk himself out of anything, and convince anyone, he was who he said he was. This was evident in the first episode where we met Detective Marty Deeks, undercover in Hand to Hand, playing Jason Wyler.

119_02Kensi: I’m still stuck on Wyler.
Callen: Stuck. Smitten. Whatever.
Kensi: He’s hiding behind an alias. He’s carrying a weapon. From the moment I saw him, he seems hinky.

Challenged to fight for the remaining spot on the Blood & Guts Warriors team, Jason Wyler fights Demarco Williams. But he’s a big guy. Muscles on his arms were as big as his own legs. He knew he had the fight of his life to win this. He gives all that he’s got. He needs to be given that last spot on the team. His undercover operation depends on him to achieve this. But Williams gets the better of him. He planted a left hook across his jaw and he went down. Defeated, Deeks walked away. Frustrated. He offers this guy money to walk away. But it doesn’t work. He’d made a call to his buddies and planned to fight this Williams guy in the lane way, behind the gym, if he had to. He started the fight and before they could hurt each other too much, sirens flashed and blared. Both of them were arrested and placed in a cell.

Guard: Wyler, on your feet.
Deeks: Well, well, well. Tell you what. It’s, uh…It’s been nice meeting you, Williams, but I think I’m going to take off. I’ll…
119_03Guard: Williams, you’re sprung, too.
Deeks: Wait. What?
Sam: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
Hetty: So. Let me introduce you. Special Agent Sam Hanna, NCIS, meet Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD, whose undercover. Ain’t that a kick in the head.

119_04Deeks: I tell you what, our, uh, safe house doesn’t have a view of the water… Except for, of course, when the plumbing backs up.

119_05Deeks: But I bet you got some sort of a situation room, too. Yeah? Lots of technical support, lots of cool hardware, plasma TVs, maybe a guy at a keyboard typing in some logistics. I mean, not right next door, but… But close. Am I right?
Callen: Monterey Park.
Sam: Culver City.
Deeks: That is adorable. Both talking at once.

119_06aDeeks: And you… well, at first, I wasn’t too sure about you, but that, uh… That Internet photo thing really sold me. So, riddle me this… did you pre-plan that, or maybe… maybe that happened in real life.

119_07Kensi: Thanks, Deeks. For everything.
Deeks: What ? No hug ?

119_08Sam: Timed that pretty well, Deeks. Good job.
Deeks: Yeah, you’re not so bad yourself.

119_09Hetty: It seems we need to coordinate our operations a little better. My boss wants to assign a liaison officer from LAPD, and your boss thinks it’s a good idea.
Deeks: Yeah, but you guys don’t need a liaison officer.
Hetty: I agree. I told him we already have one.


119_10Sam: That desk is taken. You can’t sit there.

119_11Deeks: [Quietly into a mic] I’m going to call you “Fern.” Okay?
Kensi: Don’t you dare call me Fern.
Deeks: [Loudly] Fern! Baby girl. Hoo. It’s been a long time.

119_12Callen: I’m supposed to look like I can spend 50 and she’s got you on the hook after 5?
Deeks: She threatened me with a letter opener!
Callen: I guess some people gotta learn the hard way.
Deeks: Why? What are you-?
Callen: [Loudly to a waitress] We’ll take 2 more bottles.

119_13Deeks: Oh, come on. What? You got some sort of Superman double back flip where you can dodge bullets? I mean you can’t tell me I shouldn’t have taken that shot.
Callen: No. I’m glad you did.

119_14Kensi: Though… after your liaising today – I’m not sure why we’d have you back.

Now let us know. What was your favorite Deeks Banter Moment in NCIS Los Angeles Season One ?? Which important scenes did we miss… leave a comment with your thoughts !!

Thanks to Vicki, B, Bee and ChrisDaisy for contributing to this post.

7 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Season One Banter

  1. Andres

    Well that is always my fav scene when Deeks busts Kensi’s cover and Callen has to get a taxi and get her out :), but it is the first time I feel they gonna be partners in the upcoming episodes.

  2. Jan

    Actually my favorite Deeks-related scene in season one didn’t even include him. It was Callen talking to Hetty and realizing that she didn’t want Deeks to join up just as a liaison, but eventually as an agent. That was just priceless. And I still want to know how long Hetty had her eye on Deeks: we know she keeps an eye out for orphans who eventually become agents, but does she also troll the newspapers for 11-year-olds who shoot their fathers in self-defense? We’ve hardly seen anything about Deeks’ background, and I’d love to see it.

    Other favorite Deeks scene in season one: The last one pictured, where he’s lying on the car hood talking about the surf conditions and Kensi puts the coffee on his head.

  3. BH72

    They are fun memories of Deeks first introduction to the team. I particularly love the conversation in the boat house in Hand to Hand, when Deeks tries to find out about their situation room and both Sam and Callen speak at the same time, but of different locations. I love Deeks saying, “isn’t that adorable.” From the moment he knew who they were, he fittedd in really well. Adding Deeks to the team has really added so much more to the show.

  4. Richtsje

    those episodes were great indeed; the banter! Maybe the best: the surprise of Deeks & Sam when Hetty is around to set them both free from jail, and after in the boatshed…
    I can hardly believe that Deeks was in only two episodes in season 1! It’s as if he was always around 😉

  5. Sweet Lu

    You left out the encounter between Kensi and Deeks at the dead guy’s house in Hand to Hand. That was when we got to see the first spark and banter between the two. She explains she’s there to get back some pictures she’d emailed to the dead guy and he says…”Like the two of you watching the sunset at Santa Monica Pier, or the kind where you’re not wearing anything but a smile?” Then when Callen rings the doorbell, he purposely bumps into her on his way by and her eyes flash with annoyance and we knew we were in for a bumpy and totally enjoyable ride with these two.

  6. Carrie

    I totally wish I had been watching NCIS LA from Season one. I started only at the beginning of Season 3 and honestly it was Callen that caught my eye first. Of course it took all of two seconds for my attention to be diverted to our Shaggy.

    I have seen a few episodes from season 2 and a few from Season one.

  7. Tara

    Deeks introduction to the team, and the fans was awesome because the character was so different from the everyone else. Which made it so much fun, and that fun has never waivered till this day. My favorite Deeks scene, and I have three. The first was the scene in the boatshed in ‘Hand to Hand’. The look Deeks gave Kensi before he said ‘And you, (and i can’t really remember the dialogue), but he was clearly impressed with the lie (and dare we say intrigued) about the whole naked photos story. That was when you could feel the spark, and the chemistry that Daniela and Eric share so well. The second scene was in ‘Hand to Hand’. Kensi walking back to her vehicle, and Deeks calls out “What no hug?” Thirdly, ‘Fame’ when he says “I’m going to call you Fern, okay” and Kensi replies “Don’t you dare call me Fern.” And of course he does it anyway. Loved it!! NCIS LA wouldn’t not be the same without Deeks (and Eric obviously).

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