5 thoughts on “Eric Christian Olsen Won’t Get Burned, But His Brother Might

  1. aurore

    Hello, is it possible to write the questions and answers in the comments, if they please? thank you very much.

  2. Debbie

    For once a good short interview with ECO that Did NOT bring up the in-law questions but just focused on the show.

    Intersting comments on the stunt work.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Mogorva

      There’s a first time for everything – I just hope the in-law questions will be dropped.

      @aurore: If everything goes as planned I’ll have time to transcipt the video tonight. Assuming nobody does it before. 🙂

  3. Mogorva

    REPORTER: Eric, first of all, thank you so much for coming by and taking a little break from cops and robbers and shooting bad guys. NCIS Los Angeles is one of those shows that I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like it. There is action, there is hart, it’s funny, the characters are compelling, and the heroes win.
    ECO: That’s really well said, and I can’t argue with that. I think that that’s the formula they’ve found, to have characters that (emotionally well sit in (?fixme)), to have storylines that are good and exciting with the rising action. To have relationships between(?) these characters and to have the comedic elements that we have. That’s what you want to do, you want to be entertaining for an hour. I think that’s what the show does really well.
    *scene from 6×13*
    R: And thank God, none of the bad guys can aim. For anything. (ECO laughs) Like they’re worse than stortroopers, like they can’t hit a wall.
    ECO: But you know, it’s true, that no one can. It’s really hard, like the thing it’s not… that part is believable, tha part that’s not believable is how a good of a shot we are.
    R: You know, you guys just pick them off like that.
    ECO: Yeah, like it’s just one shot, and we are at 75 yards with a 9mm SIG229 and you’re like, yeah, we got them! That’s just, that’s really hard to do. Especially in motion.
    R: You guys got like a machine gun in your life (?), but I have this pebble. I’m gonna make this happen.
    ECO: Yeah. We’ll *************** (fixme), all day long to act thoroughly (? fixme), we’ll get done. (sorry I can’t understand, he speaks too fast for me)
    *scene from 6×06*
    R: Kensi and Deeks. Is there a more fun relationship on television? I really don’t think there is.
    ECO: I don’t know. For that kind of format, I don’t think there is.
    R: I mean I’ve, I’ve warned my fiancé that if I could merry those two fictional characters in a polyamorous relationship, he’s out, like I’m going to merry Kensi and Deeks instead.
    ECO: Yeah, they’re really fun characters, and it’s you can see that because I love Danni She’s She’s amazing, she’s one of my favorite people and she’s so good on the show and we have so much fun working together and that comes across. And one of my philosophies about any time of entertainment is that if you’re having fun doing it, people gonna have fun watching it.
    *scene from 6×06*
    ECO: This season is really interesting too, we’ve got a bunch of really interesting episodes coming up ‘cause it’s the first time that I can remember in which so much of these relationships… they tease it out forever… if they will they won’t they thing. And they’ve pulled the trigger. Like over the Christmas holiday. That Christmas episode like we’re doing it, it’s all in, and now they’re trying to figure out how to navigate that, which is really fun. Has has been some really kind of rewarding and difficult, in the best way possible, scenes that we shot so far.
    *scene from 6×11*
    R: I also look forward to every new season when they change the intro and that big action shot at the beginning changes. I think right now it’s the one where it looks like you’re jumping out of a ball of flame, but it doesn’t look like it’s CGI flame.
    ECO: It’s not. That’s real. That’s the bigges…
    R: You jump through flames?
    ECO: I don’t. That’s where my brother did that stunt. It’s one… It’s the biggest, it’s the most amount of actual explo… practical, that’s what they call them, it was the most amount of practical explosives that was used in television up to that point or something. It’s they blew up the whole building and then he’d stutter stepped and she got ahead of him. So you see her, she goes under the flame, he gets wrapped in it. And he had fire gel all over his body, but when he jumped his shirt came up and he didn’t have fire gel on his back. It was the last episode of that season and it just singed his back. ******** (fixme, don’t understand that) to the point we went to a surf vacation to Costa Rica right afterwards and had just a strip of what… second degree burns on his back.
    R: Oh my God.
    ECO: So yeah that was not me, that was my brother.
    R: Not to be insensitive, it was worth it. ‘cause that is a hell of a shot.
    ECO: No, he agrees. You know that thing was 6 feet high anyway. Instead of jost going off it, he jumped up, got burned by the fire and fell to the ground. Hw do you plan your landing, when it’s just a fireball all around you.
    *scene from s3*

    Sorry for any mistakes and missing parts, english isn’t my native language. Maybe someone can help out with the missing parts and fixes.

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