Explosive NCIS Los Angeles Scoop

What can you tell us about the NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Spiral”?
This season’s ninth episode finds Callen working undercover in the mail room of an office building when the place is over taken by terrorists. An added wrinkle: When the rest of the team rides to the rescue, they discover the entire building is wired to blow. Where’s John McClane when you need him?

source: tvline.com

5 thoughts on “Explosive NCIS Los Angeles Scoop

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Isn’t Callen a bit old to pass himself off as a mail boy? But Kalstein penned episodes are usually great (Kill House, Partners not to mention ones that mention racoons and frozen lakes

  2. ChrisDaisy

    Callen undercover AND in danger? As a Callen fan, what more can I wish for?
    Plus I usually like the episodes written by Dave Kalstein.
    I am pretty happy with Season 6 so far and it looks like the show is keeping up its pace with this episode as well!

    And I apologize in advance to tvline.com and to all “Die Hard” fans but I have to say it: With Callen inside the building there is not need at all for John McClane…

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