Game Day #1

If you were to go on a stake out, which NCISLA character would you choose?

Leave a comment with your choice and a reason if you like…

22 thoughts on “Game Day #1

  1. justdreaming-83

    Callen would be a huge distraction. But for that very reason, I have to make him my choice. (That is, if he signs a contract agreeing to share the Tootsie Pops.)


    Deeks, cause we lookalike and I love to joke with him around, maybe even if Kensi is around we both make jokes with him 😀 and Callen, cause he can take the stakeout very seriously and at the same time we can be full of chatter or a little quiet comfortzone

  3. Corrine

    Definently Deeks I would never get bored with him he would keep me entertained the whole time

  4. ChrisDaisy

    I would love to say Callen but I fear he would distract me way too much from the actual task… there is no way I could concentrate on some observation with Callen sitting next to me…
    Therefore I’ll go with either Sam as he could teach me some Origami or Kensi as she has always something yummy to eat with her and she can show me how to pee during a stakeout – a skill which might come handy in certain situations 🙂

  5. Ann

    Deeks – purely for the pleasure of listening to him butcher various English accents, German and French and entertain himself with contemplating various conspiracy theories.

    And probably Sam in order to learn origami 🙂

  6. Richtsje

    Maybe I am a bad reader, I thought you meant who you want to BE, instead of who you want to be with?
    I would like to be Sam. In that way I could be with Callen, which would be great in my opinion. Right, distracted for quite a bit but he wouldn’t be, and where-ever he’d be, I go too 🙂

  7. Linda

    Callen of course for obvious reasons. Yes, he is distracting but maybe I could get him to share his Tootsie Pops.

  8. BH72

    Definitely Callen. Those striking blue eyes would distract me for sure :). However, if I could go with Callen and Gibbs together, that would be even better. They wouldn’t chew my ear off, and I would learn a lot from them both. And maybe learn some Russian from them. Also I would feel safe having them there to protect me.

  9. mistri

    Definitely Deeks in a runaway. His chatter, humor and insights would make the time pass rapidly and yet, he would be all business. He reminds me a lot of my partner-in-crime, Roger.

  10. Petra

    I’d be tempted to say Callen – but I’m afraid I’d be ready to strangle him within minutes… The same with Deeks – so I’m settling for Sam!

  11. Ghartler

    Definitely Deeks – he would make the time pass quickly. Kensi – if I wanted to relax and snack on some chocolate! Oh – any of them really!

  12. Aisling

    Give us the big SUV so I can go on a a stakeout with Deeks, Kensi, Sam and Callan. I’d be happy to be a fifth wheel with those guys 🙂

  13. Mary

    I think Kensi because we are very simular and reserved. And being able to talk about guys without a guy in the room helps. I am also a very good listener. Kensi is a very strong individual and someone to learn from.

  14. Bee.Eh.Vee

    Anyone but Deeks – we’d end up creating some sort of havoc and getting noticed. Maybe Sam, I feel like he’d keep me focused.

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