Godmother – Linda Hunt is becoming the Betty White of TV drama.

The 4-foot-9 “NCIS: Los Angeles” star has found a loyal new audience in the most unlikely of places: high schools. “I have no idea how this happened,” says Hunt, 67, who has been honored two years in a row at Fox’s Teen Choice Awards. “I have a surfboard that says ‘Linda Hunt Choice TV Actress: Action.’ I am an action star! I don’t know what that is about, but I like it.”

An Oscar winner in 1982 for her portrayal of male dwarf photographer Billy Kwan in “The Year of Living Dangerously,” Hunt owes much of her newfound popularity to TV alter-ego Hetty Lange. As OSP Operations Manager for the NCIS unit, Hetty is the type of character that could just as easily have stepped out of a James Bond movie. She’s a pint-sized lover of Lady Gaga, who speaks of winning Olympic medals and romancing Frank Sinatra _ and yet possesses the ninja-like sharp-shooting skills to assassinate a mobster without leaving her seat.

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