Hetty’s Closet – File 41-9

41-9 ‘Vagrant’

HC Vagrant

Description: Homeless person, deployed throughout the city, commonly found begging for money

Garments/Accessories: Clothes provided by Det. Deeks, They are stored in a bag in his fridge. Requires additional cosmetics for decaying teeth, dirtied fingernails, and general rattiness of appearance

Advantage: Able to move throughout the city without notice. Alias has been cultivated by Det. Deeks for years and it has built his knowledge of the city.

Disadvantage: See note.

Suitable for: Surveillance, gaining entry to previously unattainable targets, able to scout locations

Note: There have been numerous requests for the shower limit to be lifted for Det. Deeks following an outing. A decision is pending.

Would you approve the request for the shower limit to be raised?

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