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NCIS:LA Familia Meet-up 2015

The NCIS:LA Familia Meet-up 2015 started with a bang. Better yet, a boom. A BOOM worthy of a season premiere or finale episode. What was it?

A tour of one of where the show is filmed.

Yeah. You read that right.

For those who couldn’t be there in person, allow us to be your guide. We started at the front of the Paramount Studios where we were met by the lovely Katie Barker, one of two publicists for the three NCIS shows. She led the group through the property to Stage 8, one of the two stages where the show is shot. It consists of ‘swing’ sets (those that are built for a few scenes and then taken down) and a few permanent sets.


Look closely and you will see…

Those permanent sets include the boathouse interior, which was our first stop. Unfortunately the interrogation room is not included in this area and the door was locked, glued shut and/or not a real door (it was checked). This set has so much to look at – the set designers have sprinkled the area with nods to boating and the beach and eclectic finds. At one point, Katie said something about ‘our first surprise’ (this should have been a clue as to how the rest of the tour would go but we were too distracted to process that little bit of information). Then our first surprise came in:

LL Cool J, the man who brings Special Agent Sam Hanna to life.

He welcomed us all, posed for pictures, and thanked us for watching. It was a lovely stretch of time spent with a lovely gentleman.


A collection of toys and not-toys.

In a bit of a daze, Katie led us to our next stop: the gym. We learned that the rock climbing wall was installed with the understanding that it was not to be played on (boo), but that the basketball net is used not just for filming. The room also hosts scripting readings, other smaller sets can be built in the center of the room, and the hallways that lead to the bathroom go nowhere.


To the left of the firing range is the gym and to the right is the armory.

However, the short staircase does lead somewhere – to the firing range. After gathering in there and learning about how guns are fired indoors and during shooting, we moved on to the armory. The set designers put much thought into this room as well; there were tools, fake guns, actual weapons hidden behind the grates, and files filled with papers that looked as though they belonged.


Wonder if the onsite electricians ever want to borrow tools?

The tour moved back into the gym where questions were asked until Surprise #2 appeared.

Chris O’Donnell, the man behind Special Agent G. Callen.

He chatted with the group, took time to take pictures with everyone, and made sure to tell us how appreciative he is of the show’s fans. Katie seemed to be enjoying herself, springing these surprises on us. We moved into the section of the tour where we all got a little more comfortable and started peppering her and Justin, one of the production assistants, with questions about the show, filming process, marketing aspects, Los Angeles, and life in general. Everyone was quietly wondering why Katie was hoping we wouldn’t mind waiting a bit longer (wait? on the NCIS:LA set? Somehow we found a way), when the third surprise walked through the door.

Hats! NCIS:LA 150th episode hats!

What did you think was going to happen? Did you think something else was coming? Because you’re right, someone else came through the door a bit later.

It was Monty.

No, it wasn’t.

It was Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Monty’s side-kick, Detective Marty Deeks.

He also took time with us to take some pictures, drop some hints, ask some questions and answer a few. With that final guest appearance past, Katie led the tour back out into the sunshine and around to the outdoor sets where exterior scenes can be filmed along different types of buildings. The tour wound through the studios and ended back in the parking lot. With a final group picture and a chorus of thank yous, the group left the studio.


The next day we gathered again, wondering what could top the previous day. After chatting about the experience, it was revealed that Katie hadn’t just arranged for a tour. She also sent along scripts, signed, from the season premiere which allowed the group to do a table read of the episode. It was, of course, followed by a viewing of that same episode. Presents from those who were there and those that couldn’t also had found their way to the group.

Overall, it was a lovely time for all. The cast and crew of NCIS:LA clearly appreciate the fans and are proud of what they produce and are happy to share it with them. A big thank you to sindee for all her work organizing the event, she did an amazing job. Another one goes to Katie for her enthusiasm and willingness to shepherd around a group of fans.

PS…we also learned things:

  • That hatch in the interrogation room leads to a real tank under the floor. No one knew it was there until the idea was hatched for an episode and someone checked the building plans.
  • A back alley in Mexico was actually a small space between a building and the back of a façade that had some decorating.
  • A sunken parking lot painted blue can be filled with water to be used for aquatic scenes.
  • Even the sitting area outside the on-studio coffee shop is used as a set.

Hetty’s Closet – File 32-5

32-5 ‘Gordon Taymis’
Episode 1.6 ‘Keepin’ It Real’

HC Taymis

Description: Youngest son and compliance officer of a prominent Canadian paper company, dissatisfied with his position, cheating on his wife (see note), doubtful about illegal dealing at the start, but sees it through due to greed.

Garments/Accessories: Business casual; dark suits and shirts, jeans, no tie. Likes subtle stripes and slight sheens.

Advantage: Agent Callen is able to portray the unconfident, slightly nervous personality well, his skills allowing him to improvise with the printing process and to even persuade a real printer’ son of his authenticity.

Disadvantage: The normal confidence with which Agent Callen acts must be suppressed, and he has to be aware of this at all times so the alias is not blown.

Suitable for: Providing a disillusioned person who is easily corruptible and willing to commit to criminal activities.

Note: In conjunction with 81-3 Bartender/Lover’

Hetty’s Closet – File 41-9

41-9 ‘Vagrant’

HC Vagrant

Description: Homeless person, deployed throughout the city, commonly found begging for money

Garments/Accessories: Clothes provided by Det. Deeks, They are stored in a bag in his fridge. Requires additional cosmetics for decaying teeth, dirtied fingernails, and general rattiness of appearance

Advantage: Able to move throughout the city without notice. Alias has been cultivated by Det. Deeks for years and it has built his knowledge of the city.

Disadvantage: See note.

Suitable for: Surveillance, gaining entry to previously unattainable targets, able to scout locations

Note: There have been numerous requests for the shower limit to be lifted for Det. Deeks following an outing. A decision is pending.

Would you approve the request for the shower limit to be raised?

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Decidedly Deeks: Spiraling out of the Comfort Zone


“Spiral” & Deeks: Clowning, Cocky, and…Competent?

Let’s review the events of “Spiral” once more, but this time with a focus on Deeks. While this was episode was filled with some classic Deeks moments, there were some surprises along the way.

One-Two Punch

Deeks started the episode with the first half of his combo, showing off, by channeling his energy into taking on some stand-in bad guys and rocking a sleeveless tee. When Kensi studiously ignored his antics in favour of some calmness, he moved on to the second part of his classic move: pestering her. She puts an end to this as well.

As always, Kensi doesn’t break a sweat while Deeks tries to figure out why the world’s upside down.

Suspect Take-Down


Launching in three…two…

Having the high ground is important. And the team likes to take down their criminals in style. Jumping off of a parked van and launching yourself into a person carrying a loaded weapon is certainly making a statement…that you’re a jungle cat.

Scaling Buildings

"It's a terrible idea, let's do that." But it looks SO COOL !!

“Look Mommy, it’s Spiderman!”

Seriously, what is with this guy and climbing out of windows? Sure, it was justified here and during 3×10 “The Debt”, but cracking a window at these heights is a dangerous habit to have. Then again, with these experiences, he’d make a great window washer (future alias, perhaps?).

Disarming Bombs

Sam has previously demonstrated his ability to disable explosives, and did so earlier. But with Sam out hunting with Callen and cell phone reception requiring one to imitate a monkey, Kensi and Deeks were on their own in a room full of hostages that was primed to blow. But, surprise, Deeks had been sent to a course on what to do (which he apparently failed). With a diagram in hand and Kensi encouraging him to trust his training, each bomb was successfully disarmed. This feat, achieved under the stressful conditions of having a walking mountain mere steps away holding the detonator, should be submitted as a re-test, therefore giving him a pass in the course.

Just think of it as an extreme version of a pass/fail exam.

Team Work

Where does one find a card that says “Thank you for not blowing us all up, now let’s go take down a bad guy”. Does Hallmark have a section for that?

As someone who came to this team used to working undercover and mostly alone, Deeks is now quite happy to have his partner at his side – especially when attempting to neutralize a terrorist wearing a suicide vest holding a dead man’s switch. Although, in this case, while they would consider the end a success, the elevator technician would probably not agree.


With news that all is good, Deeks can get back to the important things in life; hanging out with friends, relaxing, and drowning out any protests from Kensi.

Enjoying the calm after the storm…or is it the calm before the next storm?

To Recap

What did you think of Deeks’ new skill? Is it in character or not? Do you think he and Sam will debate the best techniques for disarming bombs over drinks? Detonate your thoughts in the comment section.

Deeks Appreciation Week – The Ultimate Deeks Quiz Answers



1. B) Lady MacGyver & evil stepmother: He calls Kensi ‘Lady MacGyver’ when she bypasses the alarm system and Hetty ‘evil stepmother’ when she doesn’t let Callen, Sam, and Deeks go out wearing her tuxes.

2. B) 2: Dale John Sully in 2×01 ‘Human Traffic’ and Marty Finch 5×10 ‘The Frozen Lake’ are both lawyers.

3. C) 4×09 ‘The Gold Standard’: She made it clear to Granger that she considers Deeks one of her own.

4. A) Bran muffin: because NCIS agents work hard and play safe, and after jumping on a speeding train, Deeks needed some safe breakfast food.

5. C) Flipping burgers: He mentions his stint as a lifeguard during high school in 3×07 ‘Honor’ and in 4×16 ‘Lokhay’ he admits to a brief career as an exotic dancer.

6. B) Trains: his love for model trains appeared in 5×07 ‘The Livelong Day’.

7. C) Motorcycle: in 5×05 ‘Unwritten Rule’ Hetty takes the keys to Deeks’ new Triumph.

8. One point per correct match:
A) MMA fighter: Jason Wyler (1×19 ‘Hand to Hand’)
B) Not one of Deeks’ aliases: Gary Clay (This was Eric’s FAA alias in 2×21 ‘Rocket Man’)
C) Data entry systems analyst: Colter (4×10 ‘Free Ride’)
D) Business owner: Christopher Stone (3×13 ‘Exit Strategy’)
E) Interior decorator: Sven (5×13 ‘Allegiance’)

9. A) Because it has a manual safety: it saved him once when his gun was snatched by a junkie, as he tells Kensi in 2×08 ‘Bounty’.

10. A) Meerkat: Deeks shot at a snake that was about to ‘pounce’ in 2×03 ‘Borderline’ and came face-to-snout with a dangerous feral pig in 3×08 ‘Greed’.

11. B) Norway: He mentions this specifically in 4×02 ‘Recruit’.

12. C) Janitor: He keeps his vagrant clothes in his fridge and thanks to his off-duty surfing, he has enough gear to use.

13. A) Blue

14. B) Slam his laptop closed: In 3×02 ‘Cyber Threat’ after Hetty appears on Deeks’ screen.

15. A) Yes: in 5×24 ‘Deep Trouble: Part I’ Deeks got in the driver’s seat and Kensi climbed in the passenger seat

16. One point per correct match:
A) “It’s not about your hair. It’s about what it says about you as a person.”: Sam (4×24 ‘Descent)
B) “You got a haircut like my neighbor’s Schnauzer.” Det. Danny Williams (3×21 ‘Touch of Death’)
C) “Get a shave and a haircut.”: Lt. Bates (3×10 ‘The Debt’)

17. B) 4×18 ‘Red’: Everyone (but Hetty) forgets Deeks’ birthday in 4×11 ‘Drive’, Kensi gives him the box in 4×18 ‘Red’ and it reappears in 5×21 ‘Three Hearts’.

18. C) Gordon John Brandel: His name is revealed in 2×17 ‘Personal’. Charlie Mitchell is the name given to his friend Ray by the Witness Protection Program and Max Gentry is an alias of Deeks loosely based on his father.

19: C) Eric Christian Olsen

You now have a score out of 25. How did you do? Post your results in the comments!

18 – 25 points: You are clearly Deeks fan with a great memory! Congratulations on getting so many correct. (Either that or you have genius google skills and looked up the answers.)

9 – 17 points:  You’re a NCIS:LA fan, but maybe not Deeks fan because perhaps a different character is your favourite. You may stay regardless.

1 – 8 points: Detective Marty Deeks is the one with the shaggy blond hair on NCIS:LA.

The “Ultimate Deeks Quiz” can be found here ==>